The Toledo Blade reports that the last few remaining GM workers who were laid off at the Toledo Powertrain plant… are returning to work next week.

A small Ohio-made car delivered U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) back to General Motors Co.’s award-winning Toledo Powertrain plant yesterday.
The same car — the all-new, fuel-efficient Chevrolet Cruze, being assembled in Lordstown, Ohio — will be responsible for the return to work next week of the last 32 hourly workers laid off from the Toledo transmission plant at the start of the auto crisis, plant officials said yesterday.

Plant manager Joe Choate said the high-volume Cruze, which will go on sale next month for about $16,000 and gets 40 miles per gallon, will mean more work for the Toledo plant, and could lead to new hiring by the end of the year.

We’ve gained over 50,000 jobs this year so far, and it’s pretty easy to project we’ll end the year with 100,000 more jobs than the year before.  We still have a way to go to repair the damage we’ve suffered largely as a result of the Great Lehman Brothers Recession, but we’re on our way.  Not only has this one manufacturing plant regained the jobs they lost (not because they went to Florida or Georgia, but did what most jobs did, just vanished entirely) but they’re already talking about expansion.

I’d like to see Rob Portman or John Kasich go to this GM plant in Toledo and talk to the workers there and ask them if they think what we’ve done in response to the economy hasn’t worked.  After all, you might recall how the Carpetblogger mocked the Strickland Administration over the end of production by Hugo Boss near Cleveland.  You probably don’t recall his utter silence when Governor Strickland and Company just a few weeks ago celebrated the re-opening of Hugo Boss’ production line there.

I think Kasich and Portman would benefit from touring that Toledo plant and talking to the workers there about public policy and the economy.

Heck, I bet Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur would even be willing to give them a ride.

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