Today, ABJ columnist Steve Hoffman finally said what needs to be said:

A change agent without a plan

Despite all the marketing hype, John Kasich’s campaign doesn’t present a “New Way.”  In fact, it presents the “Old Way.”  Kasich’s platform mostly is just a retread of the same campaign platitudes of George Voinovich, Bob Taft, and even Ken Blackwell.

The only “new” thing about Kasich’s platform is his pledge to “repeal” the income tax but he speaks about it so meekly now that he talks about with all the moral conviction of Ted Haggard after he was caught doing meth with his male escort.

And Kasich-Taylor, the campaign who’s entire answer on the budget deficit seems to be nothing more than their own self-professed mastery of budgetary wizardry has no plan.

John Kasich has no plan for Ohio.  How is that a New Way?  We’ve tried everything, so now we’re trying … nothing?  Genius!

Does this guy look like he has a PLAN?

Seriously, we’re pulling back from the economic brink, and we have a guy who talks less about what he’ll do as Governor as Dennis Spisak or the Libertarian dude.

Libertarian Candidate

We’re easily on pace to regain 40% of the jobs we lost last year at the height of the Great Lehman Brother Recession, and John Kasich’s solution is to try to copy the answers off of other Governors he thinks are doing better… BUT AREN’T!

This State needs a wake up call that either John Kasich doesn’t know what he wants to do, or he doesn’t want you to know what he wants to do.  Either way, it cannot be good for Ohio.

A Governor is not a CEO.  A Governor is an elected official who is answerable to the public, not a Board of Directors or shareholders.  John Kasich is so arrogant he thinks he is wise enough to dictate when the people have a right to know what his plans are for Ohio.

Wise enough to know that, but not wise enough to realize that Nevada and Florida’s economies are not something Ohio can, or should, model.

It’s time to wake up and start demanding answers.  Wrestlemania is over Johnny, pencils down and show your own work!

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