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Late Night PB Hilarity

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Read this. Make sure to click on the “epic 17 tweet rant” link.

Now. Laugh.

What is it about “sorta right of center” bloggers that makes them bat shit crazy?

PS – Some of you might also be really interested in the underlying topic as well – Memeorandum Colors.

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Voted for myself today

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The Columbus Dispatch reports that a group of Ohio contractors from the Ohio Contractors Association, a group that has overwhelming endorsed Republicans in the past, told Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood that the federal stimulus helped them avoid disaster.

Without the stimulus, the contractors said that they would have had to cut their workforce another 20% in order to try to survive.

Again, yet another group that refuses to get that the stimulus didn’t work in Ohio.

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This is one of the most bizarre political attacks I have ever seen.

J-Group, a pro-Israel lobbying group, asked Mary Jo Kilroy to sign a letter that other members of Congress were signing urging President Obama to put diplomatic pressure on Israel to resolve the blockade that many foreign policy experts said was actually strengthening Hamas.

A policy change that Israel made as urged in the letter that Kilroy signed.

Now, a neo-con group headed by Bill Kristol is running a highly misleading ad accusing Kilroy of…being an enemy of Israel.


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Mike DeWine took in over three times from the Ohio Republican Party that Richard Cordray took in from the Ohio Democratic Party.  In fact, in the final week of the reporting period, a majority of DeWine’s donations came from the Ohio GOP.

So, of course, the Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog criticizes Cordray for how much he took from ODP.


Makes perfect sense.

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Here’s Karl Rove in today’s Wall Street Journal:

In Ohio, for example, the RGA spent $2.8 million to blunt a $3 million Democratic effort to trash former Ohio Congressman John Kasich. Mr. Kasich now leads Democrat incumbent Ted Strickland by eight points.

Here’s Rasmussen today:

Republican John Kasich’s support has fallen to its lowest level to date as he challenges Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland in Ohio’s gubernatorial race.

Oops!  Kasich’s lead instead collapsed and now even Rasmussen, the only poll left showing Kasich–and not Strickland–with the lead, shows it’s tied instead.

Of course, the eight-point […]

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The Toledo Blade reports that the last few remaining GM workers who were laid off at the Toledo Powertrain plant… are returning to work next week.

A small Ohio-made car delivered U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) back to General Motors Co.’s award-winning Toledo Powertrain plant yesterday.
The same car — the all-new, fuel-efficient Chevrolet Cruze, being assembled in Lordstown, Ohio — will be responsible for the return to work next week of the last 32 hourly workers laid off from the Toledo transmission plant at the start of the auto crisis, plant officials said yesterday.

Plant […]

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Today, ABJ columnist Steve Hoffman finally said what needs to be said:

A change agent without a plan

Despite all the marketing hype, John Kasich’s campaign doesn’t present a “New Way.”  In fact, it presents the “Old Way.”  Kasich’s platform mostly is just a retread of the same campaign platitudes of George Voinovich, Bob Taft, and even Ken Blackwell.

The only “new” thing about Kasich’s platform is his pledge to “repeal” the income tax but he speaks about it so meekly now that he talks about with all the moral conviction of Ted Haggard after he was caught […]

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It’s been two weeks since the last Rasmussen Reports poll came out.  Just like the Senate race, the last three polls in the race have all been Rasmussen.

For almost a month, neither the DGA nor the Strickland campaign has been running any ads in Ohio.  So, the Kasich-Taylor campaign has had the airwaves all to themselves.

Here’s what Rasmussen has shown over the past month.

Pre-Kasich ad:

(Rasmussen 7/5/10)

Kasich: 47% Strickland: 40% Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%

Immediately after Kasich ad starting running:

(Rasmussen 7/21/10)

Kasich: 48% Strickland: 43% Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%


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