Every campaign finance report, the Carpetblogger focuses on how much ODP is shown as “contributing” to Strickland’s campaign.  And every report, we have to explain to him that ODP and the Strickland campaign share a fundraiser, which results in the appearance of large donations of money from the ODP… money that Governor Strickland actually helped raised.

Keeling isn’t interested in the truth, so he conveniently pretends to forget this every report.

But today, Keeling really jumped the Shark of Hypocrisy with this tweet:


Gee, where did Yost get all that money?  What’s that Columbus Dispatch?


45% of Yost’s fundraising haul came from the Ohio Republican Party.  And unlike with the Strickland campaign, that’s not money Yost helped the ORP raise by sharing a fundraiser staff person.

And he’s not alone in the ORP welfare plan of failing statewide candidates.

More than half of the money Mike DeWine reported raising in the last week of this reporting period came from… the Ohio Republican Party.

Now, in DeWine’s case, I can believe it’s possible that, like Strickland, he might have helped the ORP raise that money, but we haven’t seen such coordination between the DeWine campaign and ORP so far.

Strickland gets money that he helped ODP raise because they share resources to keep his campaign overhead down, and Keeling screeches falsely that its sign of a campaign in trouble.

Then he turns around and praises David Yost for his fundraising haul, nearly HALF of which came from bailout money from the ORP, as signs of Yost’s strengths.

It’s only a matter of time before some evidence comes forward showing that Keeling is on a take, being paid by someone to be this hackish.  Because I honestly cannot believe someone in Virginia could care so little for his own credibility to write the ridiculous things Jon Keeling writes on a regular basis.

Keeling didn’t even go more than a few minutes from blasting Strickland’s fundraising report while praising Yost.

And despite Yost’s “haul,” he only outraised Pepper by a measly $17k.