From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Every campaign finance report, the Carpetblogger focuses on how much ODP is shown as “contributing” to Strickland’s campaign.  And every report, we have to explain to him that ODP and the Strickland campaign share a fundraiser, which results in the appearance of large donations of money from the ODP… money that Governor Strickland actually helped raised.

Keeling isn’t interested in the truth, so he conveniently pretends to forget this every report.

But today, Keeling really jumped the Shark of Hypocrisy with this tweet:

Gee, where did Yost get all that money?  What’s that Full Story...

If you go to to look at the U.S. Senate race in Ohio, you’ll notice that the last three polls in the race were all done by Rasmussen.  Nobody else has polled the race (publicly) since PPP did in June.

Rasmussen, as Nate Silver at has already noted this year, has had quite the pro-GOP “house” effect being an outlier in multiple races throughout the nation.

Rasmussen does it’s own “Balance of Power” rankings that it determines solely from its own polling.

What’s interesting about it is not where it shows the races are, […]

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Today is the deadline for the statewide candidates to file their monthly July reports for contributions which will continue through October.

*They only need to report contributions, not expenditures (although some do), so the cash on hand figures will be highly misleading into the Pre-General Election filing due in October.  We’ll have additional month contribution reports for August and September.

My expectations are that Kasich should lead with the most raised this month as his schedule in July demonstrated that he was working to have the best report possible.  In attention to a number of high-dollar business fundraising events he […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s latest marketing gimmick, PolitiFact Ohio, examined Governor’s Strickland’s claim that Ohio has the best overall business climate in the Midwest and found it “Mostly True.”  It would have rated it higher, but because some consider South Dakota as part of the Midwest (really?), then Ohio would only be the second highest.  Otherwise, all other commonly understood definitions of the term Midwest region would find that the comment is true.

The article also goes to great lengths to explain why the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s, or SBE, is the most objective methodology of determining […]

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The Strickland/Brown & Kasich/Taylor campaign just issued a joint statement announcing that there will be two gubernatorial debates:

Sept. 14: Columbus Oct. 7: Toledo

The debates are organized by a consortium of Old Media:

Newspapers included in the consortium are The Akron Beacon Journal, The Canton Repository, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Columbus Dispatch, The Dayton Daily News, The Toledo Blade and The Youngstown Vindicator.

They will be televised locally with feed provided to the rest of the State.  This is half the number of debates we had in 2006.  No word on format.

In 2002, Bob […]

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