Yet another classic 80s video game to get the Hollywood movie treatment:

Tim & Eric, you died from dysentery, despite all the rest I gave you.  Sorry.

Ahhh, memories.

  • Ha! I was just trying to explain this game to my wife the other day. But all she got out of the conversation was that people from Ohio don't know how to pronounce Oregon.

  • mvirenicus

    people from ne ohio don't know how to pronounce brian. it comes out more like brine. it's how someone identified me as a clevelander while i was visiting st. louis, mo many years ago.

  • Shalom Brian,

    Does an Apple II+ count?

    My first hi-res game was a WWII combat simulation (I still have it in my museum) that I drove all the way from Marietta to Columbus to buy.



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