The Akron Beacon Journal let’s Ohioans know just how outrageous the allegations against Rich Cordray’s campaign finance reports are:

Oh, the outrage!

The Republicans’ hollow rage at political money transfer Published on Tuesday, Aug 03, 2010

“What is amusing is the outrage from Arshinkoff and fellow Republicans, themselves masters at moving political money. Arshinkoff’s GOP organization casts a wide net, and is a major donor to statewide candidates. During the Taft re-election campaign, Ohio Republicans routed corporate contributions (illegal in Ohio) to the national party, which then supported Taft. The Franklin County Republican Party was caught money laundering in the early 1990s.”

If anyone thought this story was going to have legs on it enough to damage the Cordray campaign, boy, were they wrong.

Today, ODP filed a similar complaint against Republican Secretary of State candidate Jon Husted who did the exact same thing in 2008 to avoid the same stupid “excess” money requirement.  Except, Husted actually got every penny he donated out, donated back to his campaign by the very entities he donated his “excess” money to.

ODP also predicts that, like the complaint against Cordray, their complaint against Husted will also be dismissed.

What someone should be discussing is repealing Ohio’s likely unconstitutional “excess funds” laws in the first place.  Not only do I believe it’s unconstitutional, but it’s just dumb policy.