From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows that Ohioans find the idea of having the State Attorney General sue to challenge the constitutionality of the health care reform is overwhelmingly unpopular.

53% of registered voters in Ohio thinks it’s a bad idea, while only 37% think its a good idea.

Of course, that means Mike DeWine continues to push a legal theory that he knows, or should know, is completely frivolous.

He’s fundraising over a case that will likely be dismissed before the election.  And, of course, the Columbus Dispatch fails to note the only public polling on […]

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Laura Bischoff had a good piece in Sunday’s Dayton Daily News about Kasich and Strickland’s careers and finances.

She does a good job of outlining both men’s career choices and it’s worth reading. But I wanted to focus specifically on a Kasich quote where he claims that his private sector successes had nothing to do with his political background:

“Just because you’re a member of Congress doesn’t mean squat,” Kasich said. “…the bottom line is nobody gives you money for anything that you don’t earn in the private sector.”

Here’s the thing: Kasich does not have a degree in […]

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Last week, Ted Strickland compared John Kasich to Ken Blackwell in a comments to the press at the Ohio State Fair.  Jon Keeling heard about this in Virginia and got the vapors.

I don’t know why.  Anyone that reviews what little the Kasich campaign has shared sees an awful alot of similarities:

Both claim the legacy of President Ronald Reagan. Both are economic and social conservatives. Both frequently compared Ohio’s economy to Florida’s to try to sell their platforms. Both ran on platform of large tax cuts for the richest Ohioans as a “job creation” plan. Both ran on […]

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The Akron Beacon Journal let’s Ohioans know just how outrageous the allegations against Rich Cordray’s campaign finance reports are:

Oh, the outrage!

The Republicans’ hollow rage at political money transfer Published on Tuesday, Aug 03, 2010

“What is amusing is the outrage from Arshinkoff and fellow Republicans, themselves masters at moving political money. Arshinkoff’s GOP organization casts a wide net, and is a major donor to statewide candidates. During the Taft re-election campaign, Ohio Republicans routed corporate contributions (illegal in Ohio) to the national party, which then supported Taft. The Franklin County Republican Party was caught money […]

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Yet another classic 80s video game to get the Hollywood movie treatment:

Tim & Eric, you died from dysentery, despite all the rest I gave you.  Sorry.

Ahhh, memories.

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The Kasich campaign shot a pilot previewing what a Kasich administration might look like:

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