Jerome Corsi’s career and what little credibility he ever had seem to have finally fizzled away and I’d like to say I feel bad for guy but I absolutely don’t.

The wackjob conservative activist hit the height of his fame back in ’04 with his successful anti-John Kerry book and the associated swift boat attacks that some claim cost Kerry the presidential election. He’s had some minor successes since then with his anti-Obama book and a book about how chemical processes within the earth produce an unlimited supply of oil i.e. dinosaurs never existed.

But lately he’s been producing nothing but birther schlock for World Net Daily news along with the rest of the Tea Party crazies and conservative political failures like Ken Blackwell. But unlike Blackwell who tends to take some random pieces of information and puts them together into a completely fabricated narrative – Corsi has taken to just making up shit all together.

His latest “article” with the cutesy racist title of Oops! Obama mama passport ‘destroyed’ outlines his failed attempts to obtain evidence that President Obama’s mother had applied for a passport in the late 60’s. He tries, unsuccessfully, to use a number of Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain this damning evidence.

Even if he had been able to obtain these records it wouldn’t have proven anything. But he comes up with nothing and STILL he writes an article for WND about Barack’s mother’s passport and the conspiracy to hide the information about it. Just think what he would have written if he had actually found something!

Nothing is going to stop Corsi from writing stuff this. When you don’t need any actual information or facts the process of writing becomes so much easier. This guy can not be deterred. And for good reason.

There are some people in this world who have an unwavering, unshakable, laser-like focus on finding the truth. People so motivated to uncover the wrongs of the world that they can only do right.

Jerome Corsi is not one of these people.

The reason Jerome Corsi can not be deterred? He’s a fucking tool. Also, he’s a fame whore who is constantly chasing the high he got from his earlier successes. But mainly he’s just a tool.

The hilarious part of this attempt to embarrass the President with a complete lack of any facts whatsoever is that the only piece of actual information Corsi did uncover during the course of his investigation is that the Reagan Administration destroyed tons of public records in the early 80’s.

According to Corsi the feds told him they couldn’t provide the information he requested because:

“…a 1980s General Services Administration directive had resulted in the destruction of many passport applications and other ‘non-vital’ passport records”

Let me recap here: Jerome Corsi submits a public records request for Barack Obama’s mother’s passport information. He’s told no information exists because an appointee of conservative icon Ronald Reagan had it all destroyed. Corsi writes an article anyway implying some sort of liberal government conspiracy is involved with hiding Barack Obama’s past.

World Net Daily is where the nuttiest of the Conservative nuts go when no one else will take them. This is where they spin their crazy tales and push the crazy theories that other far-right media and blogs won’t touch. Nothing is shocking or surprising at WND anymore because nothing is off the table. And now that Jerome Corsi has finally proven there is no need to include actual information in WND “news” articles – now that Corsi has thrown off that heavy and seemingly unnecessary yoke – things are only going to get crazier there.

On the plus side: Corsi and the rest of the nuts that write for WND have officially lost any tiny shred of credibility they may have had left. So it’s very, very unlikely any of them is going any where else. WND has become the place where conservative wackjobs go to end their careers in politics and journalism. A hospice for right-wing extremism. And I can think of no better place for Jerome Corsi.