Joe already posted a really good review. I also would like to hereby nominate this as the PB phrase of the month:

And bringing Brian Hester on your show to talk almost exclusively about Twitter is like scoring a big interview with Stephen Hawking and forcing him to spend the entire time discussing his wheel chair.

Just. Awesome.

Modern also gives his take without having seen the tape. LOL. I drove down to Cbus to see Brian do the shoot and was duly sequestered in the lobby for the duration of the taping. Sad thing is I looked more the part in jeans and flip flops. 😉 Wasn’t a wasted trip, though, as seeing Brian in the flesh is a rare thing for us being in different Cs. I actually stayed in Cbus and visited with some campaigns and old friends before toasting Matt’s buddy Jesse Taylor back off to law school for year 3. Good to see all of you who know who you are.

Let’s review the tape and then some commentary shall we?

Segment 1:

This year there’s the “[quote/unquote fingers] added bonus of political social media”? Dude. Blogs have been around since 1997 and have seen increasing influence in politics going back to at least 2004. This is now 6 years later and almost everyone one of us have done an interview about this “mysterious new thing called blogs” going back to Russell Hughlock. Now there’s a name we don’t hear often. Hi Pounder!

Social media does not begin and end at Twitter either ya n00b. Blogs have been social the entire time, building entire political communities out of the ether. Plunderbund was founded in 2005 and most of us here were part of the political social media way before that. I understand the audience Jim is catering to here, but maybe frame it in a way that lets the audience know this is nothing new and they are behind. 😉

Now. First things first here. Why in the world would Matt Naugle allow himself to be on TV representing the conservative movement? I just have to ask. I don’t want to be mean – though he’d not return the favor most likely – but Matt should watch these things and see that if anything he does a disservice to his views by bumbling along and looking all together weird. As a compassionate human being I’d like to suggest that Matt not do these things ever again. As a raving progressive activist I’d like to suggest that Matt be the only one ever allowed to be on TV in Ohio representing conservatives.

There. I said it.

Cross to bear having the truth on his side? Did anyone else yelp a big LOL at that one? I did. Enough said.

The Tweet issue has been addressed numerous times so I’ll leave it alone. I do have to address Matt’s notion that when he insults people and posts or tweets disgusting things he can use satire as a get out of jail free card. It doesn’t work like that Matt. You actually don’t use satire because it requires wit – OK, you’ve pulled it off a couple of times – but this is all together different from you making up the fact that someone smokes pot or has a bad marriage:

Ran into Eric from Plunderbund, who I was going to talk to until he shoved a camera in my face. oh well. He is just at typical pot-smoking marxist thug. He is also in a very unhappy marriage, so I suppose venting by harassing harassing me is cheaper than going to a psychologist. But I’ll save this sort of uninteresting blogger vs. blogger stuff for Buckeye State Blog.

Now, we do utilize irony often here on PB and I must note that hearing Matt talk about the tactics of Saul Alinsky and how bad and evil the left is for supposedly marching to the Alinsky drummer only to then pretty much describe the same activity he himself engages in was pretty funny. Couple that with the above and you have full on hypocrisy and a side of spicy irony to boot!

LOL at Ted Strickland needing to wear a cup. Ted Strickland and his team are handing Kasich and by extension Naugle his ass so far. I don’t think Ted is very worried about any rightwing Alinsky wannabes right about now – especially those who aren’t even too keen on Kasich to begin with. Go commando Ted. It’s cool.

Segment 2:

Good segment, finally dispensing the Lebron Twitter BS. Great answer by Hester on the social media question and why the right might have more followers or whatever. Precisely what I would have said and spot on! Alternate channels are always sought out by those among the opposition.

More Naugle stuttering greatness. Awesome.

Brian gets in the last word with the 50,000 jobs. Matt literally is left speechless.


I told Jim Heath this on Twitter. I enjoyed the segment. I’d watch again if political bloggers were on. It might be the only time I find ONN on Time Warner, but hey. It’s something. We just have to get beyond this notion that blogs are new and bloggers are new and dangerous and outside the realms of real news and information. We’re a part of the game now, folks. Like it or not here we are. Not going away either.

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