Just in case you wondered.  No, this story isn’t going away any time soon.  It was prominently placed in Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Enquirer notes that the latest census estimates that less than 300 residents of her district are Turkish immigrants.  And yet, Schmidt does seem to have a curious level of interest in currying favor.

Schmidt’s newest defense?  We were going to pay the bill all along, but the darn lawyer has never sent the bill.  Yeah, seriously.  That’s the defense.

Of course, one reason they’ve never sent it is that their sworn testimony was that they never intended to bill the Congresswoman for their legal services as they prosecuted an Armenian candidate over statements he made about Turkey’s alleged role in an Armenian genocide around WWI.

So that might explain why Schmidt’s defense fails despite claiming that the FEC approved the arrangement.  If there was any intent not to have her or her campaign to pay the  costs of legal services, it was a gift.