So what if you threw an event celebrating the diversity of a movement and no diversity actually showed up?

On these here Interwebs we call that #fail.

The Tea Party bowel movement was desperate to show that it really wasn’t the Angry White Man Party by throwing a “Uni-Tea” rally. Shame on the nasty NAACP for calling them racists. They’d show them. An overflowing level of support from people of many different races, colors, and creeds. Right.

Um…no. I hate to hearken back to days of old and bring up another GOP diversity fail – what am I saying you know I love to – but the old Blackwell “White dude, white chick, white chick, white dude” post comes to mind.

Here we go again:

OK, so count along shall we? (from left to right)

White dude
White dude
White dude
White chick
White dude

Oh hell. You get the picture! Literally.

I’d add that turnout was pretty pathetic. Maybe that’s a clue. Your average Tea Party faithful wants nothing to do with that there thing called diversity dontcha know. Of course not everyone at a TP rally is a racist, but you’re not paying attention if you don’t notice the serious racial undertones of the movement and see it rear it’s ugly head in an undeniable fashion.

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