From the daily archives: Monday, August 2, 2010

Jerome Corsi’s career and what little credibility he ever had seem to have finally fizzled away and I’d like to say I feel bad for guy but I absolutely don’t.

The wackjob conservative activist hit the height of his fame back in ’04 with his successful anti-John Kerry book and the associated swift boat attacks that some claim cost Kerry the presidential election. He’s had some minor successes since then with his anti-Obama book and a book about how chemical processes within the earth produce an unlimited supply of oil i.e. dinosaurs never existed.

But lately he’s been producing nothing […]

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LOL. This one is gonna leave a mark. Quick. Everyone run to the break room and empty the coffee pot! I don’t think Johnny is going to like this one much:


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Ah, the good old days when “talking down the economy” was a bad thing. Remember? Republicans squealed that it was downright un-American to even say the R word. Recession? What recession? George W. Bush and his tax cuts were GOOD to the economy! There will be no talk of recession.

Hell, if you listen to one wingnut blogger in Ohio in particular you may have indeed thought the economy was gonna make a full on recovery in December of 2008.


Yeah. Not so much. Remind me not to take Blumer to Scioto Downs.

Now […]

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Just in case you wondered.  No, this story isn’t going away any time soon.  It was prominently placed in Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Enquirer notes that the latest census estimates that less than 300 residents of her district are Turkish immigrants.  And yet, Schmidt does seem to have a curious level of interest in currying favor.

Schmidt’s newest defense?  We were going to pay the bill all along, but the darn lawyer has never sent the bill.  Yeah, seriously.  That’s the defense.

Of course, one reason they’ve never sent it is that their sworn testimony was that they […]

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From the Columbus Dispatch:

“I can’t say that I sit down and say, ‘OK, let me have a prayer here on whether we should raise taxes or not.’ I don’t pray for that.

“I have in the past prayed for a new baseball glove.”

John Kasich denies he’s asked God for sound policy decisions, but only because he apparently thinks the Creator of the Universe is Santa Claus.

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Now available with any (Un)Happy Meal at your local McDonald’s!

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Joe already posted a really good review. I also would like to hereby nominate this as the PB phrase of the month:

And bringing Brian Hester on your show to talk almost exclusively about Twitter is like scoring a big interview with Stephen Hawking and forcing him to spend the entire time discussing his wheel chair.

Just. Awesome.

Modern also gives his take without having seen the tape. LOL. I drove down to Cbus to see Brian do the shoot and was duly sequestered in the lobby for the duration of the taping. Sad thing is I looked […]

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So what if you threw an event celebrating the diversity of a movement and no diversity actually showed up?

On these here Interwebs we call that #fail.

The Tea Party bowel movement was desperate to show that it really wasn’t the Angry White Man Party by throwing a “Uni-Tea” rally. Shame on the nasty NAACP for calling them racists. They’d show them. An overflowing level of support from people of many different races, colors, and creeds. Right.

Um…no. I hate to hearken back to days of old and bring up another GOP diversity fail – what […]

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