Despite Jim Heath’s Republican past I think he does a pretty good job playing unbiased news guy most of the time. And his show (Capitol Square on ONN) actually deals with Ohio politics at a level of detail that you won’t find anywhere else on TV.

The thing is, you will find this level of detail on political blogs. Even more detail, as a matter of fact. And in real time. But watching Jim Heath introduce the second segment of his show this week you’d think he’d just discovered them.

This week Jim had Brian Hester (Modern Esquire) and Matt Naugle on the show, two long-time Ohio political bloggers. But the questions they were asked were amazingly disappointing. A statement Brian made near the end of the segment really summed up the whole thing: “Matt and I aren’t doing anything different than we were in 2005”.

And that’s absolutely true. Matt is still saying crazy stuff online. Lefty bloggers are still outraged by it. But it’s certainly nothing new.

Both Brian Hester and Matt Naugle have been blogging about politics for over half a decade now and all over the world political bloggers have been beating mainstream media outlets to stories for even longer than that.

And yet the only time ONN ever brings political bloggers on their shows they end up talking exclusively about blogging or, worse, Twitter instead of politics.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to watch Matt try to defend his tweets about dead Democrats but I’d much rather see him defend his political positions.

And bringing Brian Hester on your show to talk almost exclusively about Twitter is like scoring a big interview with Stephen Hawking and forcing him to spend the entire time discussing his wheel chair.

Brian Hester is one of the most knowledgable and easily the most prolific voice in Ohio politics right now.

Not only does he cover a wide variety of topics related to Ohio politics but he does it with the kind of (often excruciating) detail that makes the rest of us – including most professional political writers – look like a bunch of slackers.

Jim Heath had an opportunity to offer his viewers some real insight from a guy who lives and breathes Ohio politics and instead he chose to talk about Twitter. Kind of a shame if you ask me.

I certainly hope he’ll consider having Brian back again on the regular panel. No one will be disappointed.

If you missed it, they will be replaying Capitol Square at 7PM tonight on ONN.

  • Great post. Totally agree. Why not have Matt and Brian on with Sandy and GOP dood? Actually talk about politics. I'm convinced they are doing this same groundhog day interview because they are desperate to continue the blogger as un-credible source narrative.

    Come on already. Markos is on teevee all the time talking issues. It's OK! We're for real. Except for Naugle. I think he's re-animated or something.

  • Actually, I wasn’t suggesting they invite Matt back too. Just Brian.

    To be fair, Matt did MUCH better this time than last but the kid still isn’t ready for prime time – or even Sunday morning for that matter.

    I honestly think Matt is a bright guy but he’s much too obsessive and rabid about his his screwed up view of the world. And he’s much too nervous in front of the camera.

    He looked and sounded like he was about to throw up the entire time.

    Not saying I could do any better.

    Just saying Brian did look like he should be there – and they should invite him back to provide real commentary about real politics.

  • I agree.

  • modernesquire

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I had a real enjoyable time talking with Matt before the show. We both laughed when we saw Matt's “Nobody watches ONN” tweet in the intro. We fistbumped.

    I asked Matt over e-mail before the interview how many times he's subjected to this same interview. Pretty much every time.

    On the way out, I mentioned to Sandy Theis that I wanted to respond to something wrong that Kasich's representative said in the segment. He heard this and took umbrage and asked me what he got wrong.

    I said, “John Kasich didn't balance the budget. The economy did.”

    I didn't hear a response.

  • And THAT is why you should be on the show as a REAL guest.

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