From the Dayton Daily News:

In his 2006 book, Stand For Something: the Battle for America’s Soul, Kasich details how he refused to take pay hikes when he first arrived in Congress.

“I meant to keep my word — only after eight years of giving back all this money, and paying all these excess taxes, it seemed a little besides the point. I kept voting against the raises but I finally stopped refusing them because I realized I was beating my head against the wall,” he wrote.

It was so hard to keep refusing those raises . . . Of course, that didn’t stop Strickland from refusing from accepting the kind of health care coverage provided to Members of Congress because his constituents were denied health care coverage.

How much you want to bet that Kasich failed to mention that he eventually accepted those raises he opposed.

Way to show your convictions, Kasich.  Vote against something you know is going to pass anyways, accept the benefits, and then write a book highlighting the issue as evidence of how “principled” you are.

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