From the daily archives: Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok, I haven’t even seen Capitol Square yet (you can’t get ONN on DirectTV), so I have no idea what aired or how it looked.

However, you can see I was disappointed.  Matt Naugle and I have been sparring over the Internet for over five years.  This was our first public joint encounter, and we were asked about our LeBron tweets?

It was like booking Ali and Frazier, but asking them to thumb wrestle.  We’re there talking about ethics in blogging, but there was virtually no new ground than when Eric and some conservative blogger, or Jill and Naugle had […]

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From the Dayton Daily News:

In his 2006 book, Stand For Something: the Battle for America’s Soul, Kasich details how he refused to take pay hikes when he first arrived in Congress.

“I meant to keep my word — only after eight years of giving back all this money, and paying all these excess taxes, it seemed a little besides the point. I kept voting against the raises but I finally stopped refusing them because I realized I was beating my head against the wall,” he wrote.

It was so hard to keep refusing those raises . . […]

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Despite Jim Heath’s Republican past I think he does a pretty good job playing unbiased news guy most of the time. And his show (Capitol Square on ONN) actually deals with Ohio politics at a level of detail that you won’t find anywhere else on TV.

The thing is, you will find this level of detail on political blogs. Even more detail, as a matter of fact. And in real time. But watching Jim Heath introduce the second segment of his show this week you’d think he’d just discovered them.

This week Jim had Brian Hester (Modern Esquire) […]

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And Eric Resnick of the Gay People’s Chronicle just goes along for the ride.

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Yard sign war update

On August 1, 2010 By

One of my opponents calls the wahmbulance.

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