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With much fanfare the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently announced that it was teaming up with “PolitiFact” to fact-check common claims made about Ohio politics.  Because it was just too much to expect the building of newsroom reporters to actually independently verify the claims of politicians they cover anymore… or something.

So, recently, the Plain Dealer gave former Bush outsourcing czar the ol’ PolitiFact treatment over his claim that Ohio lost over 150,000 jobs since the stimulus was passed.

PolitiFact rated the statement as half-true… which of course, is how you politely avoid telling a politician that they’re 50% […]

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The Ohio Highway Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association represents largely the uniformed officers of the Ohio Highway Patrol.  They announced this morning that they’re endorsing Governor Ted Strickland for re-election.

From the Strickland-Brown campaign’s presser:

“The O.P.B.A. endorses Governor Strickland based on his strong record on law enforcement and public safety issues, and his continued support for the collective bargaining rights of public employees,” said Terry Gallagher, Executive Director of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.
Strickland has demonstrated his commitment to public safety by protecting the Local Government Fund from cuts and preserving local law enforcement jobs. He has also embraced […]

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The Dayton Daily News has confronted one of Ted Strickland’s “Wall Street” donors who are just as bad and responsible for this economic recession as John Kasich’s Lehman Brothers:

Buried on the 23-pages of contributions that GOP counted was $100 from Patricia Diven of Centerville who listed her occupation as ‘finance director.’

But Diven said she is no Wall Street insider. She said she works three days a week for a small non-profit agency with an annual budget of less than $500,000. She admitted that she did once visit Wall Street in the 1970s.

News that she had […]

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Rob Portman and John Kasich keep using the factually false statement that Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs since Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher took office.  They’re only exaggerating the figure by some 25,000 jobs.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there’s a reason they continue to use the same figure despite knowing it’s not true.   And it’s not just because 400,000 is larger.  The Ohio Republican Party has a vested political interest in talking down Ohio’s economy.  And as I documented in a recent post, that’s consciously what they’re doing in the hopes that if they keep […]

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Any time you see a conservative non-lawyer blogger write something about Ohio law, you’re safer to assume the opposite is true.

Today, the Carpetblogger claimed that an entire joke of an Ohio Elections Commission complaint filed by the Summit and Franklin County GOP alleging that the Cordray campaign violated Ohio’s “excess funds” law.

In other news, Ohio has a likely unconstitutional law that limits the ability of political campaigns to retain its own donations.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, before Cordray filed for re-election, Cordray’s campaign donated money to the Franklin County Democratic Party, the Summit […]

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Obligatory apology for lame light blogging from me.  Running for office, work, blah blah BLAH –  But I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, so here goes.

Ted Strickland’s campaign for re-election is the most aggressive, best run, balls out campaign I’ve seen any Democrat wage in this state against a Republican since Howard Metzenbaum in 1988.  I’m serious.  The last few weeks, Ted’s had John Kasich in a headlock, just bitch slappin’ him until he can’t even breathe, then sticking a trick cigar into his mouth, lighting it and watching it explode.  It’s a joy […]

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The Strickland-Brown campaign just sent out an e-mail fundraising solicitation from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.  Ordinarily, these type of “celebrity” solicitations can be predictably boilerplate.  However, this one has a good personal touch:

Sometimes, two people couldn’t be more different.
There’s a stark contrast between Governor Ted Strickland and his opponent, former Congressman Kasich. I know that because — before you elected me your Senator — I served with them both in the House of Representatives.


Throughout his career in Washington, Congressman Kasich voted time and time again for the type of outsourcing and unfair trade deals that […]

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When you can’t even get John Kasich’s hometown newspaper to unflinchingly peddle your crap, Game Over, man.

‘Member yesterday how DeWhine attacked the Strickland Administration for giving $6 billion in bond work to Lehman Brothers?  Turns out that Lehman’s role in that bond was, well, as insignificant as Kasich’s and Lehman Brothers’ roles were in launching Google.

The Strickland administration also said Lehman Brothers and Barclays played a minor role in the bond deals highlighted by the GOP. For example, Lehman was one of 18 co-managers on a $5.5 billion bond sale in 2007, and the […]

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We have the tape! A reader sends in secret spy footage of a strategy session in which the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin Dewine and John Kasich communications director Scott Milburn discuss how to stop the mean Ted Strickland from attacking them mercilessly:

PS – I think I cracked the code. I knew there was a reason the carpetblogger called his home Third Base Politics. What? Who? I dunno. THIRD BASE!

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Here’s the lede from the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s coverage of today’s bizarre press conference called by the Ohio Republican Party:

Republicans on Tuesday again tried to turn a perceived weak spot of their gubernatorial candidate John Kasich into a moot point.

The idea that the Lehman Brothers attacks have been a dud is pretty much refuted now by the fact that Kasich first ad was not a general introductory ad to voters, or even an attack ad against Strickland, but a misleading downplaying of his role at Lehman Brothers and now an ORP press conference attacking […]

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Last week, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announced she was creating a legal trust fund… to pay for her libel suit against former ‘08 Independent opponent David Krikorian (who ran, but lost, in the Democratic primary this year.)

Schmidt announced the trust fund after questions were being raised about who was paying her lawyers, who actually are from a Turkish special interest group… which is rather unusual in that it’s Schmidt’s unusually high level of Turkish fundraising and opposition to recognizing the Armenian genocide (not exactly a barn burner of an issue back home in the Second District, and yet, […]

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