From the daily archives: Friday, July 30, 2010

On Sunday, with much fanfare, the Cleveland Plain Dealer announced that they were forming a “partnership” with PolitiFact:

PolitiFact Ohio is a joint venture of The Plain Dealer; its online affiliate,; and, a national Pulitzer Prize-winning website that helps sort out the true from the false in politics.

Our reporters and editors, working on PolitiFact’s scale, will examine the accuracy of politicians’ claims, advertisements, speeches, talking points and accusations. We’ll then rate the statements on the Truth-O-Meter, choosing among True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True, and False. The most outrageous falsehoods get the […]

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(With apologies to great American and fellow native South Carolinian Stephen Colbert.)

At the beginning of this month, the Kasich campaign announced it wanted to raise $100,000…. at some point.  They’re at $69,637.00 at the time I’m writing this.

On Monday, the Strickland campaign announced that it wanted to raise $110,000 by Saturday.

They’re presently at $85,085.  That’s over $15,000 more than Kasich has claimed to raise all month.  And the Strickland campaign did that in only five days.

While I was taping an appearance on ONN’s “Capital Square” with Matt Naugle, the Strickland campaign sent out an e-mail with […]

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So.  Awesome.

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With friends like these, who needs Plunderbund?

That’s New York Times Best Sellers List Author/former Lehman Brothers trading VP describing John Kasich on Twitter.

The “last man on the deal” a “small time banker.”

Kasich’s own boss said of Kasich to the Dayton Daily News:

Weinstein said Kasich knew nothing of banking when he arrived at Lehman fresh off his 18 years as a Congressman from Ohio.

“It was tough going in the beginning because he didn’t know anything about Wall Street or investment banking. So we spent hours with me tutoring him,” Weinstein […]

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Well, let’s see. This is awesome? Tim Ryan called. He wants his outrage back.

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