The stories about Kasich treating people like crap are finally coming out. Not surprisingly there’s now a Facebook group where you can add your own. It’s called, of course, John Kasich Treated Me Like Crap.

You’ll read about an arrogant John Kasich trying to get an airline employee fired for doing her (national security related) job and about John Kasich ignoring comments from his constituents.

Click through. Hit “Join”. Enjoy.

But I also have to ask again: do you have a story that they won’t include on their Facebook wall? A story they won’t print in the Other Paper? A story you’ve never told anyone else? A story so crazy you still wonder whether it really even happened at all? A story about John Kasich getting kicked out of a country club for assaulting a bus boy? A story about John Kasich berating a staffer for crapping his pants? Something WORSE?

Send it over. THAT’S the story I want (as long as it’s true).

I’d really like to hear something that surprises me. But given the amazing, bizarre and often just plain crazy crap I’ve heard about Kasich’s behavior it’s starting to seem more and more unlikely that I’ll be surprised by anything new I hear.

Still, if you can really shock the shit out of me with your story I’ll personally buy you a PB shirt from Skreened.