We’ve been covering John Kasich’s angry, dickish, asshole-like behavior for nearly a year now at Plunderbund. But the stories seem to go back decades.

On the heals of Lyndsey Teter’s recent article in the Other Paper “Does Ohio need an SOB as governor?” documenting a bunch of examples of Kasich’s ungentlemanly like behavior, the paper has just added a reader’s letter to their site – a letter that documents a case from 2001 of John Kasich lashing out at a horribly sick guy at a hospital – a guy walking around with his IV in tow…

I recognized him as John Kasich. I said “Hi John” and he quickly spun around to fully face me and said, “Who do you think you are? Just because I’m a public figure doesn’t give you the right to interrupt me when I’m speaking to someone else…”

I can imagine the Other Paper is probably being inundated with letters like this. I know they don’t have the space to post them all – and some of them are just too horrible and nasty to print – so I am officially offering my assistance. Send me the others and I’ll compile them and post them all.

This goes for anyone else who has a story.

We’ve documented many of them already, but I know there are many more out there. Send them along. We’ll get them posted.


I was just informed that Lyndsey sent a link to more letters earlier today. Some amazing stuff in there. Expect more posting from me this evening!