I watch a lot of CNN. At home and when I’m on the road for work. For some reason lately I’ve been turning it on almost exclusively during Rick Sanchez and, I have to admit, his show can be kind of hard to watch. He’s not amazingly consistent. Some days are good and other days so-so. And some days it’s just unbearable.

Today, however, was absolutely amazing.

This afternoon while I was sitting in an airport lounge drinking a bloody mary and praying to the travel gods that my flight would be on time I saw one of THE best smack downs on CNN that I’ve ever seen.

Rick interrupted his coverage of the immigration law protests in Arizona to interview J.D. Hayworth – John McCain’s ultraconservative, anti-immigrant opponent in the Arizona Senate Republican primary.

I’ll find the video and get it uploaded tomorrow. Until then I highly recommend you click through here to watch it.

In short: Sanchez beats Hayworth bloody in a series of quick and vicious attacks. Hayworth comes out looking like a complete fool.

Rick starts the whole thing out by showing Hayworth’s latest anti-Mexican immigrant ad and follows with a simple observation:

“That ad could have run at any time in our history and all you had to do was take out pictures of the Mexicans and replace them with pictures of Germans or Jews or Irish or Italians … getting some Americans to turn on the latest immigrant group to get off the boat doesn’t exactly require a lot of intellectual prowess

Hayworth offers a weak, stuttering response.

And it just gets better from there.