Rob Portman and John Kasich keep using the factually false statement that Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs since Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher took office.  They’re only exaggerating the figure by some 25,000 jobs.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there’s a reason they continue to use the same figure despite knowing it’s not true.   And it’s not just because 400,000 is larger.  The Ohio Republican Party has a vested political interest in talking down Ohio’s economy.  And as I documented in a recent post, that’s consciously what they’re doing in the hopes that if they keep people from realizing that we are recovering from the recession already, they can win in November.

Ohio has gained in private sector jobs every month but January this year.

Ohio lead the nation in April in job creation.

But here’s what hasn’t gotten much attention from the Ohio media or the political class . . . exactly when did Ohio lose those jobs?


Nearly 60% of all of Ohio’s job losses occurred last year alone.  Most of the losses in 2008 started in September 2008.

What occured in September 2008?

Lehman Brothers happened.   And then, the Republicans’ opposition to TARP caused the stock market to the biggest single-day drop in history.  Bigger than the losses it had the day after it reopened on 9/11.

You can time 64% of Ohio’s job losses in 2008 to the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Nearly two-thirds of the job losses tied to the final quarter of the year.

Ohio has gone from a recession in which it lost a quarter of a million jobs just last year to already gaining 50k this year.  We’re easily on pace to regain at least 100k by the end of the year.  That is a remarkable turnaround.

Half way through the year, Ohio has regained nearly 20% of the jobs it lost during the last year.  It’s regained nearly 12% of all the jobs its lost since December 2006.

Every time some Republican like Rob Portman, John Kasich, or its supporters suggest Ohio is not already in the middle of recovery.  Every time they suggest that Ohio will not recover unless they win in November.  Every time they suggest that Ohio’s job losses are tied to the evaporation of jobs caused by Lehman Brothers but the quaint notion that the prosperity train just left the station…




And it’s about time someone (besides this blogger) started saying it.