The Dayton Daily News has confronted one of Ted Strickland’s “Wall Street” donors who are just as bad and responsible for this economic recession as John Kasich’s Lehman Brothers:

Buried on the 23-pages of contributions that GOP counted was $100 from Patricia Diven of Centerville who listed her occupation as ‘finance director.’

But Diven said she is no Wall Street insider. She said she works three days a week for a small non-profit agency with an annual budget of less than $500,000. She admitted that she did once visit Wall Street in the 1970s.

News that she had made the list gave her a chuckle.

“My husband was very amused. He wanted to know where I’m hiding my Wall Street money,” Diven said. “We had a great laugh out of this one.”

Well, you can chuckle all you want, Patricia Diven, laughing it up in your not-so-plush, ground floor office with donated furniture.  I hope Ted Strickland’s happy knowing that they’ve got Patricia Diven’s dirty Wall Street money that will…. buy pizzas for the office for a few days?  Seriously, $100?  No wonder Democrats have trouble raising money, we go after the non-profit executives…

But when you look out your back window of your comfortable Cape Cod… or whatever suburban McMansion fat cat non-profit executives enjoy in Centerville, and see those holes in your backyard, it won’t because of moles…. It’s because I’ve been there looking for the money that used to be in my 401(k).


Patricia Diven, she’s as bad as Lehman Brothers (according to the Ohio Republican Party and the Ohio Society of False Equivalencies.)

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