The Strickland-Brown campaign just sent out an e-mail fundraising solicitation from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.  Ordinarily, these type of “celebrity” solicitations can be predictably boilerplate.  However, this one has a good personal touch:

Sometimes, two people couldn’t be more different.
There’s a stark contrast between Governor Ted Strickland and his opponent, former Congressman Kasich. I know that because — before you elected me your Senator — I served with them both in the House of Representatives.


Throughout his career in Washington, Congressman Kasich voted time and time again for the type of outsourcing and unfair trade deals that have devastated Ohio’s middle class, closed our factories, and sent our jobs overseas.
I’ve done everything I can to lead the charge against these types of reckless trade policies. And as we move forward, we have to make certain we don’t give the keys back to the same people who tried to outsource Ohio’s economy.

Ted’s fighting for an economy that works for all of our families. Throughout his career, he’s worked hard for jobs, schools, and an advanced energy policy that makes Ohio a leader in the nation.
I hope you join me and do everything you can to help my friend Ted.

I remember four years ago how the perception that the Governor Strickland favored the more progressive Sherrod over the more conservative Paul Hackett caused some initial difficulties in the base as then Congressman Ted Strickland began his first statewide bid.  In hindsight, though, I think you’d be hard pressed to find many Democrats in Ohio who think that favoring Sherrod was a mistake anymore.

At the beginning of the month, the Kasich campaign began an Internet solicitation to raise $100,000… at some point.  It had no real defined deadline and had an extra $5,000 “donation” built into its source code tracking its efforts.  This online solicitation donation was billed as a way to “Stop Obama” by defeating Ted Strickland.  Nearly a month later, it’s raised a respectable nearly $68,000.

On Monday, Ted Strickland’s campaign announced it wanted to raise $110,000, but do it by Saturday.  They’ve already raised near $57,000.  In one week, Ted Strickland’s campaign is set to raise as much money as it’s taken Kasich’s all summer to do using an anti-Obama message.  And it’s only Wednesday.