Obligatory apology for lame light blogging from me.  Running for office, work, blah blah BLAH –  But I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, so here goes.

Ted Strickland’s campaign for re-election is the most aggressive, best run, balls out campaign I’ve seen any Democrat wage in this state against a Republican since Howard Metzenbaum in 1988.  I’m serious.  The last few weeks, Ted’s had John Kasich in a headlock, just bitch slappin’ him until he can’t even breathe, then sticking a trick cigar into his mouth, lighting it and watching it explode.  It’s a joy to watch.

And like Howard Metzenbaum, it is plainly clear to me that Ted has no intention of letting up.  It always seemed that Howard enjoyed beating Republicans to a bloody pulp.  It’s starting to feel like Ted does, too.  For example, Modern’s forensic takedown of the insipid response from Ohio Republicans to the Lehman narrative that just won’t go away.  There are more layers of FAIL than I think even Modern can count.  Ted’s turned Ohio Republicans into blithering idiots babbling in a corner at each other.

My only concern is that Ted’s campaign may not be able to keep up this pace.  I mean, it’s not even August yet, and all summer, every single day, they’ve been beating John Kasich about the head with a stick….can they keep up this frenzied pace?

One way to keep up such a pace is to thoroughly enjoy it.  Another is to rely on the assistance of constant Kasich self-implosions.

Luckily, neither seems like a problem at the moment!

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