We have the tape! A reader sends in secret spy footage of a strategy session in which the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin Dewine and John Kasich communications director Scott Milburn discuss how to stop the mean Ted Strickland from attacking them mercilessly:

PS – I think I cracked the code. I knew there was a reason the carpetblogger called his home Third Base Politics. What? Who? I dunno. THIRD BASE!

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  • mvirenicus

    This is just plain, old-fashioned funny. Great work, and the perfect footnote to modern's epic analysis of the situation posted below. You guys don't coordinate your postings, do you? ~:-)

  • modernesquire

    In this case, no, we didn't.

    Tim and I or Eric and Tim will tag team on posts. Hmm, Tim, quit bogarting our mojo…

    John Kasich's campaign has become a blogger's target rich environment for ridicule.

    It's making me nostaglic for Ken Blackwell's magical NAMBLA belt buckle gazing powers.

  • mvirenicus

    it only amazes me that the gop continues to poll as well as they do in a generic sense in the face of their utter incompetence, insanity and evil. what the hell are people thinking.. oh, that's right, they don't think… hence my misanthropy. hehe

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