Please. We’re dying to know. Which companies over the course of the past 16 years did you advise to leave Ohio and take their jobs with them? The media might take note that 3/4 of this time Governor Strickland was not the Governor and those 12 years were firmly in the hands of Republicans. So Mary Taylor is essentially saying her own party is responsible for the dire situation the state is in – or at least 75% responsible.

Small biz owner and Ohioan Chuck Hootman not only wants to know how many companies John Kasich’s running mate Mary Taylor counseled to leave Ohio, but which ones:

COLUMBUS – Today, Ohio small business owner and entrepreneur Chuck Hootman held a press conference to call on Congressman John Kasich to reveal which companies his running mate, State Auditor Mary Taylor, counseled to move to Florida.

You can look at this as simply Mary Taylor doing her job in the private sector by advising companies to act in their self interest. Fine. Works for me. But to ignore the political reality of this when the entire Kasich campaign begins and ends with a J-O-B-S, then you simply aren’t paying attention.

Now, for the punchline. This jobs mantra is going to turn on it’s head the more voters begin to realize who John Kasich is and what his role might have been in creating the mess we now stand in. Hootman just gives us a taste of what’s to come:

“Everyone knows that the economic recession did not start in Mansfield, Columbus, or anywhere else in Ohio,” Hootman said. “It started in Wall Street and Washington, where Congressman Kasich supported outsourcing, unfair trade deals, and trickle-down economic policies at the expense of Ohio jobs*.”

“Whereas Congressman Kasich’s running mate advised businesses to leave Ohio, Ted Strickland has worked to support small business owners like me,” Hootman continued. “He understands that the best way to grow our economy and create jobs is by empowering businesses, not with trickle down economics.”

*Emphasis is mine

So we have John Kasich working to create the environment upon which the economy nearly collapsed upon itself entirely and Mary Taylor telling companies to get the hell out of Ohio and move to Florida!

Sounds to me like someone got some ‘splainin’ to do!

In case you missed it, here’s Mary talking about how she advised companies to leave Ohio and take their jobs with them:

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