From the daily archives: Monday, July 26, 2010

Ya know, when you run in a Democratic primary, you probably oughta not donate to Republicans so much.

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Yesterday I posted about a Republican tracker assaulting Treasurer Boyce while screaming: “Can I get a job in your office if I’m not Muslim? Do I have to attend Amer’s mosque to work for you?”

Eric said he wanted pictures. Well here you go man:

No surprise here. Chubby white kid with a polo shirt and a backwards baseball cap. It’s like the meat head uniform. I wouldn’t be surprised if they included this in the job description…

Wanted: Tracker

Looking for something to do this summer now that all your frat brothers have left town?

The […]

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Please. We’re dying to know. Which companies over the course of the past 16 years did you advise to leave Ohio and take their jobs with them? The media might take note that 3/4 of this time Governor Strickland was not the Governor and those 12 years were firmly in the hands of Republicans. So Mary Taylor is essentially saying her own party is responsible for the dire situation the state is in – or at least 75% responsible.

Small biz owner and Ohioan Chuck Hootman not only wants to know how many companies John Kasich’s running mate […]

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Your friends throw their early vote application in the garbage, necessitating urgent rescue mission!

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