Today, the Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza noted in his latest update of his “The Fix” blog that the Governor’s race in Ohio is no longer one of the top fifteen competitive races in the nation.

Not a good reaction to Kasich’s first campaign ad and the RGA’s concentrated spending. The last time Cilliza listed the race on The Line it was at the bottom and noted that Strickland was rebounding and landing some strong attacks on Kasich early… that was back in late May.

As much as the Carpetblogger likes to talk about the DGA’s ads, I can’t remember the last time I saw one of the air.  I don’t think that $3 million spending advantage against Kasich exists anymore.  And I’m not seeing anything on the ground to suggest that The Fix is wrong. 

Everyone seems to agree that Strickland has been winning the summer while Kasich struggles with his introduction to a general election audience.

Here’s the cover of Kasich’s latest lit piece:


Does that look like bold leadership?  Or a guy getting directions to the pooper?  Of course, Ohio’s comeback has already begun under Governor Strickland.  We’ve already regained 12% of the jobs we lost due to the recession.  We’re beating our neighbors like Indiana in leading the recovery with new manufacturing jobs every month.  We’ve lead the nation in job growth this year.

Notice that the guy in Kasich’s own lit piece isn’t pointing to John Kasich as where Ohio’s Comeback begins.  He’s pointing to Kasich’s left.  He’s pointing to Governor Ted Strickland.

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