Wow.  This is just…bad.  What happens when your only line of attack against your opponent is completely undercut by your running mate at an event that you’ve been promoting relative to this very important issue for weeks?

Well.  Let’s just say there may have been a run on Depends undergarments down on Gay Street this afternoon.  They’re shitting themselves down at Kamp Kasich.

So over the course of her 16 years she cost Ohio how many jobs?  I wonder if someone ought to do the math on that one instead of figuring out how many times Jimmy Stewart may or may not have driven around the world.

I mean, when you lose Joe Hallett how much longer can you last?  Hallett says of the incident:

At the Cleveland event, Taylor appeared to make a gaffe by saying that during 16 years as a certified public accountant, she counseled businesses and entrepreneurs “to consider, you know, moving to Florida or other states that don’t have high income taxes and an onerous stand-alone death tax.”

So for the record we have the Republican gubernatorial ticket as such:

John Kasich – Wall Street boy working at Lehman Brothers right up to the point where it and other Wall Street firms nearly destroyed our economy completely

Mary Taylor – 16 year record of moving jobs out of Ohio

Meanwhile Ted Strickland quietly picks up the pieces of the right wing fantasy called the free market and tries to put humpty together again.  I think it’s becoming more and more clear where this thing is headed.

My guess is someone is wearing coffee down on Gay street.  Sorry about that kid.  Wrong place, wrong time I guess.