Much has been made of Steve Stivers recent FEC report, but not much has been written about where Stivers is getting his money.  According to Stivers’ report 40% of his donations were from business PACs.  In fairness, though, Kilroy accepted a similar ratio from mostly union PACs.

Stivers accepted so much special interest money, though, he likely violated federal campaign finance laws.  My understanding is that a PAC can only donate $10,000  and individuals can only donate up to $4,800 to a congressional campaign in a single cycle.  Another federal political candidate’s campaign may only donate up to $4,000 a cycle.

Stivers’ FEC reports in several instances in which his campaign accepted more than the maximum permitted donations:

  • Welpoint Inc. WELLPAC donated another $1,000 to Stivers after already maxing out the last FEC period.
  • The NRA’s Political Victory Fund donated another $4,950, which put them $2,400 over the legal limit.
  • The National Federation of Independent Business PAC donated $5,000 of which every penny was beyond the legal maximum donation allowed.
  • The American Society of Anesthesiologist donated $2,500, of which, every single penny was beyond the legal maximum donation.
  • John Boehner’s congressional campaign donated $2,000, of which, every single penny was beyond the legal maximum donation.

But then there are individual donors, too, who have donated more money to Stivers than is legally permissible by law.

Meet Wayne Boich, CEO of The Boich Company, and his lovely wife, Emeline.

Wayne Boich attempted to donate another $2,400 in donations, despite the fact that the campaign had already accepted the maximum amount permissible by law.  To the Stivers’ campaign’s credit, they did refund this donation as being beyond the accepted maximum. However,

Emeline, who is a homemaker (and I don’t mean the construction kind) was able to donate $2,400 to the Stivers campaign even though she had already donated $2,200 more than she’s legally permitted before the donation.  Stivers’ campaign does not indicate that donation or the other excessive donations by Emeline Boich has been refunded.

AEP executives love Stivers so much they can’t stop donating to him, even when it violates federal campaign finance laws! Dale Heydlauff, a VP at AEP, donated $2,400 to Stiver of which $1,000 exceeded FEC limits.  Michael Morris, AEP’s CEO and President, also donated $2,400 to Stivers’ campaign… except $2,000 of that donation exceeded FEC limits.  The Stivers campaign did not report refunding the illegally excessive donations in either instance.

Steve Stivers sure can raise money.  Too bad some of it is illegal.