While John Kasich was busy doodling “Kasich + Daniels =BFF 4Ever” with hearts over the “i”s and prancing unicorns lifting them into Jesus’ waiting arms, Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch tried to remind everyone of the elephant in the room because he’s really creeped out by this gubernatorial man crush:

Outside of Peyton Manning, Indiana sucks ass.

Downtown Indianapolis

An examination of statistics, however, reveals that Indiana might not be the jobs magnet that Kasich incessantly portrays on the campaign trail.

On a steamy day when Strickland also wooed northeastern Ohio voters in an already-sizzling race, Kasich campaigned with his patron saint, Daniels, saying he will emulate the Indiana governor’s fiscal stewardship if elected.

[A] closer look at data reveals that Indiana has not fared much better than its Midwestern neighbors during the recession. Indiana has lost 174,400 jobs since 2007, the year Strickland took office in Ohio, federal labor data show. That’s a 5.8 percent decline, which ranks 39th worst in the nation. Indiana is just ahead of Ohio, which ranks 42nd after a job loss of 7 percent, or 379,900 jobs.

And Indiana has endured one of the nation’s highest employment declines since the recession began, according to the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project. The share of Indiana’s population that was employed dropped from 63.5 percent in November 2007 to 57.2 percent in May 2010, a steeper decline than all but five states, none of them in the Midwest. Put another way, Indiana’s employment growth trails that of Ohio and even Michigan, the recession’s national poster child.

In other news, Joe Hallett is really, really, really tired of hearing Kasich go on about how totally “rad” Daniels is.

Matt Naugle’s head is about to s’plode

And, of course, one of the reasons you’d have a neighboring Governor come to your State and campaign for you is so that you can announce that you won’t enact one of his signature policy achievements:

Both Strickland and Kasich said they have no plans to follow Daniels’ lead by privatizing the 241-mile Ohio Turnpike. As part of Daniels’ approach to covering shortfalls in Indiana’s transportation budget, the governor cut a deal to lease the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road for 75 years to a foreign consortium in exchange for a $3.8 billion lump-sum payment.

This, of course, makes Daniels a better Governor because this is somehow not building your budget on a 75-year commitment with one-time money, according to conservatives.


Mary Taylor randomly decides to announce at job creation event how she’s advocated businesses to ship jobs out of the State for nearly twenty years

Because, apparently, Mary Taylor was sick of being the third-wheel beard to Kasich’s Hoosier bro-mance, she decided that an event to promote how the ticket will create jobs in Ohio was the perfect time to announce how she’s been screwing Ohio for years:

Taylor appeared to make a gaffe by saying that during 16 years as a certified public accountant, she counseled businesses and entrepreneurs “to consider, you know, moving to Florida or other states that don’t have high income taxes and an onerous stand-alone death tax.”

And to think, that was the highlight of the Kasich campaign’s day yesterday.