Since we uncovered who he was last year I’ve often wondered what – despite being a carpetblogging sycophant for his former boss John Kasich – Jon Keeling is trying to do with his MC Scrabblerap blog. I mean at first you dupe WaPo into naming you “one of Ohio’s best political blogs” or whatever, then you claim to be filling some kind of void:

What void would that be, Jon? I mean there were plenty of righty blogs in Ohio. Do they all suck? We think so, but how about you? Did you think they were incapable of helping to elect Republicans? Right again, but still. That’s harsh! We’re proud of our great wingnut blogs (yes, even us) here in Ohio. RightOhio. Bizzyblog. Weapons of Mass Dysfunction. Do you hold them in such low regard that you feel you have to start an Ohio blog from Virginia? I myself think Matt Naugle, Tom Blumer, and Matt Hurley do a fine job shilling for Republicans here in Ohio. I’m not sure they appreciate you prancing in from your cubicle in Virginia and acting as if they don’t exist. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give them any link love.

You know. It’s funny. No wonder Keeling was a Congressional staffer of John Kasich’s back in the day. The same kind of arrogance Keeling displays is front and center in Kasich’s campaign to unseat Governor Strickland.

I wonder if Jon throws coffee too…

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