This one I wanted to put at my campaign site.

  • Billpeterson

    Tim, do you have any comment on the Obama Administration embarasssing itself by firing this poor woman over a spliced video?

    What conversation on race?

  • Breitbart a lying douche-bag? Say it isn't so! I just wish people didn't buy into his shit. ACORN, now this.

    …hey. Is there a trend there? Of course there is!

  • Nifty Lawrence

    Geez, Obama gets away scott free given he fully supported Sherrod getting axed. Well, at one time he did, anyway. When he was knee-jerking away to Faux News, etc. Great example of “leadership”.

  • brian

    This just shows the unsupported power of Faux News! As with all adminitrations, Obama is but one man. But as Truman said,”…the buck stops here”.
    Why give them ANY credibility?
    Sorry, but this provides me with more motivation to stop Portman!

  • Adrienne

    Agreed Tim!

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