When I watch John Kasich, one word comes to mind: humble.  Kasich points out that he’s running for Governor because he wants to give back his talents to Ohio after being a successful businessman of a two-man office of a company that lead into the world’s largest bankruptcy.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s unemployed and is the only conservative who can’t get ratings on Fox News.

Kasich also wants you to know that he thinks Strickland’s Centers of Innovation is a great idea as well as Strickland’s idea of getting universities to do more to work with private industries to develop new products, except he thinks it’s his idea.

Kasich also wants you to know that he’s going to let the people applying for Third Frontier decide who gets it.  Yeah, that shouldn’t cause any problems…

Also, he also wants you to know that despite “only working in a two-man office” for Lehman, he has “business experience” to be Governor.  According to Kasich, that means my internship at Great American Insurance Company makes me qualified to run IBM… or something.

He also wants you to know what a living hell it was to accept all that money from Lehman as he disagreed with its philosophy and greed.  Except, of course, when he worked there he called Lehman Brothers’ CEO the kind of guy he’d go into battle with.  Kasich’s either a liar or he’s a Benedict Arnold.  He and his former idol Dick Fuld should take ten paces and fire over this dishonor.  Who would you root for, though?

No wonder Kasich won’t release his tax returns, it must have been so soul crushing for him to work for an employer he so philosophically disagreed with the entire eight years he worked there.  Every half a million bonus check was a dagger into his Republican soul.  That’s why he continues to minimize his role yet again in this interview… public records be damned, it’s the only way he can cope!

Kasich honestly has no idea that the reason we have a budget problem is because of tax cuts we passed to make Ohio more competitive for businesses.

Kasich also can’t directly say that Strickland’s to blame for the job losses, or that Ohio would have been better economically if he were already Governor right now.  I think those two moments unravel the fraud that is his campaign.

Kasich now calls his tax plans “goals….”  you know, like you create every New Years….. “Yeah, if we can get there.”  That’s what Kasich says about his own tax plan that he used to say was a necessity to get Ohio out of a death spiral.  Now, it has all the conviction of Lindsey Lohan swearing this time she’ll do better on probation…. Too soon?

John Kasich, lifelong politician and millionaire, says he identifies with the Tea Party because… they’re sick of politicians and millionaires… Oh, John, why do you hate yourself so much?

Kasich then talks about polls and just outright lies by saying “We’ve been ahead all along.”  Depends on what you mean by all along, I guess.

Apparently, John Kasich is half man-half frog because throughout the interview he looked like he either swallowed a fly or was trying to get one.

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