Lyndsey Teter of The Other Paper has today’s must-read story profiling John Kasich’s infamous temper tantrums over the year.  When my son acts up, he gets time out.  John Kasich instead runs for President and Governor.  Kids are weird.  The Other Paper asks, "Does Ohio need an SOB as Governor?"

Teter describes a number of embarrassing events in Kasich’s past of treating working class people like second-class citizens compared to himself:

  • Kasich threw a hissy in the late 1980s in a grocery store because the manager wouldn’t reopen the store’s video store section so he could rent “The Goonies” again or something.  Then, he left in a huff leaving all of the items he intended to purchase because he didn’t have the required two forms of identification needed to accept his out-of-state congressional check.  This was, of course, a few years before the House check writing scandal.  At one point, Kasich fumed “Don’t you know who I am?”

When the store manager told Cody he “didn’t give a fuck” who this guy was, and that he still needed two forms of ID, Cody faced the unenviable prospect of delivering that message to Kasich, who, in Cody’s words, proceeded to, “belittle me in front of everyone, even though I was just a kid, just standing there trying to do my job.”

  • Then there was the Grateful Dead concert incident I’ve already written about when Kasich attempted to join the band onstage and fumed "Don’t you know who I am?” when he was denied.
  • “Kasich, then a presidential hopeful, reportedly became so enraged at his Iowa campaign manager that he threw—or some say maliciously spilled—a cup of coffee on her.” Kasich denies the story, but for some reason the alleged victim just simply refused comment as opposed to denying it happened.  Of course, that may have to do with the fact that she mentions her job with the failed Kasich for President campaign in her marketing as a political consultant.
  • Kasich also apparently has a documented history of writing rather snide letters to his own constituents when he was in Congress.
  • Oh, and the idea that Kasich would be better able as Governor to court businesses in Ohio to create jobs here?  Well, here’s what a major business Republican donor in Ohio wrote about Kasich after he spoke to his group:

James Schrim, COO of Klingbeil Medical Partners in Worthington, fired off an angry e-mail to Republican Party leaders last September after Kasich spoke at a function he organized.

“I would like to redirect your attention back to my ‘experience’ with the unpleasantly arrogant Mr. Kasich,” Schrim wrote in the e-mail, obtained by The Other Paper.

“His body language was one of sloth and arrogance. His words and the way he carried himself made it clear that he believed he was doing us a favor by attending our function.”

Not much has happened since then to change Schrim’s opinion, he said this week.

“I stand by it,” Schrim said of his comments. He said he’s withheld his dollars from the Kasich campaign since then, and that Kasich has left a bad taste in the mouths of donors, “who give much more than me.”

Kasich has a well-documented history of being an arrogant, snide punk who treats other people like garbage to feed his own ego.

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