In response to news reports that public records show that Kasich actually lobbied more state pensions to give work to Lehman Brothers after specifically and uncategorially denying such a possibility, Kasich’s campaign said:

Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols rejected the suggestion that Kasich was dishonest, saying Kasich doesn’t rememebr [sic in original] the STRS phone call.

Ahh, it’s the “I lobbied so many State pensions, I cannot possible remember them all!” defense.

Of course, while Kasich plays the “forgot it” card, the ORP plays the “smear” card.  Because anytime you point out Kasich tried to steer state business to Lehman Brothers, it’s apparently a smear because it’s true.

But Kasich campaign spokesman doubled down on the stupid with this comment:

“”We have nothing to hide, so attacks about credibility don’t wash,” Nichols said.

And yet, time after time, it’s been public records that have revealed the Kasich campaign lied about Kasich’s work with Lehman Brothers.  The Kasich campaign is the first gubernatorial campaign to not make a single tax return for the candidate available to the media.  Which, of course, figures as the media largely complains about how inaccessible Kasich, in general, has been to the media.

Kasich has advocated a tax plan that will require the State to lose 44% of its funding, but he’s refused to make public any plan on how he’d pay for it.

Instead of taking questions, Kasich issues edicts from his White Room on YouTube.

Kasich has screamed “smear” any time someone even tries to bring up the topic of his work with Lehman Brothers.

His “public” events in which he takes questions are carefully screened to only allow supporters.

He’s refused to discuss any plan he actually has as Governor.

Yep, he’s totally transparent.  Did Nichols get his antonyms confused with synonyms again?