From the daily archives: Thursday, July 22, 2010

When I watch John Kasich, one word comes to mind: humble.  Kasich points out that he’s running for Governor because he wants to give back his talents to Ohio after being a successful businessman of a two-man office of a company that lead into the world’s largest bankruptcy.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s unemployed and is the only conservative who can’t get ratings on Fox News.

Kasich also wants you to know that he thinks Strickland’s Centers of Innovation is a great idea as well as Strickland’s idea of getting universities to do more […]

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In response to news reports that public records show that Kasich actually lobbied more state pensions to give work to Lehman Brothers after specifically and uncategorially denying such a possibility, Kasich’s campaign said:

Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols rejected the suggestion that Kasich was dishonest, saying Kasich doesn’t rememebr [sic in original] the STRS phone call.

Ahh, it’s the “I lobbied so many State pensions, I cannot possible remember them all!” defense.

Of course, while Kasich plays the “forgot it” card, the ORP plays the “smear” card.  Because anytime you point out Kasich tried to steer state business to […]

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Not only is the ad really bad because its filled with cheesy, forced attack lines based on obscure political references (I’d note that not even the Carpetblogger has written or Tweet’d about it), but according to the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus), it’s also false and misleading.

First, the ad lies about the true state of the jobs market in Ohio:

Like the other ads, the latest, which began airing yesterday, focuses on jobs lost during Strickland’s tenure, although after several months of job gains, the actual number lost is 379,900 from December 2006 through June.

Yeah, they’re only 20,000 jobs off […]

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It’s been interesting to watch this inevitable transformation of John Kasich from pity party to full on angry man. You’ll remember their first defense for Strickland going on the offensive was to basically say “LEAVE JOHN KASICH ALONE”. Mean, mean Ted Strickland should not attack poor John Kasich. It was not fair.  Ted should talk about his record and not put poor little Lehman Brothers boy John Kasich on the defensive.  It was as if they were taking campaign advice directly from Chris Crocker.

When that didn’t work (hint: noboby is going to leave John Kasich alone) […]

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Back in May 12, 2010, the Columbus Dispatch reported that John Kasich helped Lehman Brothers pitch its services to two public pensions that wound up losing millions in other investments it had with Lehman Brothers.

“Kasich never approached any other Ohio governmental entity about doing business with Lehman, the campaign said.”

Well, this morning, the Columbus Dispatch has found out that the Kasich campaign lied. 

Although John Kasich’s campaign said earlier this year he only had two contacts with Ohio’s pension systems trying to drum up business for Lehman Brothers, the State Teachers Retirement System now […]

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Lyndsey Teter of The Other Paper has today’s must-read story profiling John Kasich’s infamous temper tantrums over the year.  When my son acts up, he gets time out.  John Kasich instead runs for President and Governor.  Kids are weird.  The Other Paper asks, "Does Ohio need an SOB as Governor?"

Teter describes a number of embarrassing events in Kasich’s past of treating working class people like second-class citizens compared to himself:

Kasich threw a hissy in the late 1980s in a grocery store because the manager wouldn’t reopen the store’s video store section so he could rent “The […]

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This one I wanted to put at my campaign site.

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