Lee Fisher has had a bad July.  Rob Portman and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hit the airwaves with nothing in response on Lee’s behalf.  Despite the best fundraising quarter of his entire campaign, the press was so overwhelmed with Rob Portman’s record raising more money from lobbyists than most incumbents in Congress that they falsely portrayed Fisher as a candidate who couldn’t raise money.  Then there was the third change in campaign managers and rumors of other key personnel resigning and general discord in the Fisher campaign earlier this month.

It was just a bad month, that after three weeks of doing its last poll, Rasmussen Reports decided to do another one.  (Rasmussen is polling so often, it’s approaching becoming a tracking poll.)

And what did Rasmussen findAbsolutely nothing had changed.

Like Ol’ Glory over Ft. Henry, when the smoke cleared, Lee Fisher was still standing tall and proud.  Not even Scott Rasmussen can find a way to spin his numbers of movement:

These results are little changed from late last month when Portman held a 43% to 39% advantage.

This is the seventh consecutive survey to find Portman’s support in the narrow range of 42% to 44%. Over that same time frame, Fisher has earned 38% to 43% of the vote. The two men were tied in May and June following the winning of their respective party primaries.

Technically, the poll showed a two-point drop in Fisher’s number from three weeks ago, but that’s likely only statistical noise in a poll with almost a 5-point margin of error, even Rasmussen’s release concedes it.  A quick review of Rasmussen’s head to head figures over the year shows that essentially the race is unchanged since February.

Rob Portman could have just flushed his money down the toilet and been just as effective as his early television ad buy did.  Unlike the DGA ads which was likely responsible for Kasich’s sharp increase in his unfavorable ratings, Portman really can’t point to any movement in the Rasmussen poll.

I have to admit that the Fisher’s campaign ability to weather a bad month and show this kind of resiliency impresses me.

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