From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Strickland campaign announced that tomorrow afternoon they will “reveal new information obtained from public record requests about Congressman Kasich’s role in pitching Ohio state pensions while he was a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers.”

We learned back in May that Kasich lobbied two state pensions on behalf of Lehman Brothers:

Rob Nichols, a Kasich campaign spokesman, said in the statement. “At the request of a New York-based colleague, he was glad to help arrange two introductory meetings, and then his colleagues took things from there.”

Kasich then claimed that he only helped arrange the presentations, […]

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I swear to God, I couldn’t make up something this outrageous if I tried.  The Columbus Dispatch notes that while Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy was at the White House to witness the President’s signing the historic Wall Street reform bill into law that she helped to shape, her opponent, Steve Stivers, former bank lobbyist, was in D.C. hosting a fundraiser with the reform bill’s opponents:

Stivers, who has been critical of the bill, held a fundraiser in Washington this afternoon with lobbyists for the financial industry, which has opposed many of the reform measures. Suggested contributions ranged […]

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Richard Cordray joins Governor Ted Strickland as the only candidates to be endorsed by both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Buckeye Firearms Association.  Conversely, John Kasich joins Mike DeWine as being the only Republican candidates for statewide office to be endorsed by neither (although the BFA has yet to endorse in the Auditor’s race, but it’s expected they’ll endorse Yost since they endorse him in the primary.)

“The Buckeye Firearms Association represents the interests of an important group of people in Ohio, and I am honored to have received their endorsement,” Cordray said. “The right to keep and […]

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John Kasich talking about his “soul brother” George W. Bush in endorsing him in 2000.

Now he claims he’s a different type of Republican than Bush.

Politics can be a cruel mistress sometimes.

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Earlier today, I had written a post about what was reported as a proposal by Chief Justice candidate/Associate Justice Maureen O’Connor to appoint a legislative committee to oversee the “state budget” and suggest additional cuts.

That story has since been updated to clarify that O’Connor meant a committee to look for other areas to cut in just the judiciary’s budget, and not the broader State budget.

I don’t like to get a post wrong, but I had written a post that said that based on the earlier reports that O’Connor should be impeached if she was proposing the […]

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This ad is so inside baseball, I don’t even have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

The RGA continues with their entire focus on Strickland because he’s the front-runner and incumbent, and, let’s face it, John Kasich has yet to offer Ohio anything to compare him to Strickland.

This ad is just terrible, but still better than the Incredible Hulking Kasich ad.

I don’t think most voters will understand it. And it invites Strickland’s campaign to boast about his fiscal conservative record… which is exactly what it did in response:

“The record is clear: Ted has made […]

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Ex-offender human rights in various jurisdictions hailed by the NY Times. Here’s my speech and position on the matter from earlier this year.

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Lee Fisher has had a bad July.  Rob Portman and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hit the airwaves with nothing in response on Lee’s behalf.  Despite the best fundraising quarter of his entire campaign, the press was so overwhelmed with Rob Portman’s record raising more money from lobbyists than most incumbents in Congress that they falsely portrayed Fisher as a candidate who couldn’t raise money.  Then there was the third change in campaign managers and rumors of other key personnel resigning and general discord in the Fisher campaign earlier this month.

It was just a bad […]

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