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And I believe Howard Wilkinson of the Cincinnati Enquirer, I think, gets the exclusive:

Newly elected FOP of Ohio president Jay McDonald, a major in the Marion police force, said the organization decided it could not endorse Pepper because sheriff’s deputies were laid off during his watch as county commissioner and because he voted not to give county employees pay raises. With Yost, McDonald said, “we were not completely satisfied with his attitudes toward collective bargaining.”

Pepper said that while he respects the FOP and is a supporter of law enforcement officers, he had “a responsibility to make […]

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Modern already posted about several FOP endorsements today. Included in that is a nod to Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy. While Modern rightly points out that these endorsements are in all likelihood who the FOP think will win in November (Fisher the notable exception), I do find it odd that a former speaker of the Ohio House cannot wrap up their endorsement.

But hey, there’s always the German-American Civic Forum.

(Full disclosure: I’m part “German American” so no offense there)

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Apparently, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police issued their endorsements today.  Here’s the list with some thoughts and obligatory press release quotes from the campaigns after the jump:

Governor: Governor Ted Strickland Senate: Rob Portman Attorney General: Richard Cordray Treasurer: Kevin Boyce Secretary of State: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy Auditor: ???

Yep, you read that right.  The F.O.P. announced no endorsement in the Auditor’s race between Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper and Deleware County Prosecutor David Yost.  Given Yost’s present elected office, I would say that the lack of a law & order endorsement by the F.O.P. hurts his candidacy the most.


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Apparently, John Kasich’s bible study group never discussed modesty when he was there.  From the New Philadelphia Times Reporter (which covered Kasich apparently talking to two people):

“The more [the people of Ohio] get to know me…

the more they will like me…”

Kasich predicted.

Adding… “or else.”


And yes, John Kasich does refer to himself in the third person, even when he’s in Bruce Banner mode, right, Cleveland Plain Dealer?

“There is this perception in some quarters that Kasich is not available. You think I […]

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Funny you should ask.

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According the the Cleveland Plain Dealer, only 83,000 private-sector jobs were created in the nation in June.  Of those, nearly 11% were created in Ohio alone as Ohio created8,900 new private-sector jobs last month (for the reading impaired, that’s non-seasonal/non-census jobs).

Once you factor out census workers, Ohio saw its private sector job creation increase by a factor of thirty from May after a sharp drop after April’s national leading private-sector job growth.  Ohio was one of only twenty states that saw statistically significant changes in their unemployment rate.

According to this tweet from the conservative […]

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(HT: Dave Harding @ ProgressOhio)

Gallup’s latest generic congressional ballot was released this morning.  Just look at that graph.  Support for the Democratic candidate has never been higher, while support for the Republicans has not been lower since Gallup started tracking in March.

The reason?

[I]ndependents are primarily responsible for Democrats’ improved positioning. Thirty-nine percent of independents favor the Democratic candidate in their district, up from 34% — although slightly more, 43%, still favor the Republican.

According to a USA Today/Gallup poll in June, 55% of Americans were in favor of legislation expanding government regulation […]

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Kasich Angry Kasich FAIL

On July 20, 2010 By

Pretty sure this isn’t a headline Ohio Republicans expected out of John Kasich’s first campaign ad.

Kasich Angry Kasich SMASH!!

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