So, I’m still pouring through the campaign finance reports for the legislative races, but I started with one of my local State House candidates, Bruce Carter.

Bruce ran for the 12th District Court of Appeals in 2008 where he won two of the eight counties getting 42% of a vote—which is above the average Democratic performance in this region of Ohio.

Two years ago, Bruce’s current opponent, State Rep. Courtney Combs had a Democratic opponent who raised less than $4,000 for the entire cycle and got 43% of the vote.  There’s every reason to believe that even in this environment, Bruce Carter will do better than Combs’ underfunded challenger in 2008.  His campaign has been canvassing the district hard, knock on doors, and hitting their targets.

Already this year, Bruce has raised over $25,000, and reported only less than two thousand on hand to his Republican incumbent opponent!

That’s pretty impressive fundraising for a Democratic House candidate running in the heart of GOP country.  Carter’s fundraising and campaigning is enough to force a House Republican Caucus, which trails substantially in money from the Democratic Caucus, to spend some of its money and effort to play defense in a district it ordinarily would be able to ignore.

While a ton of attention has been given to Rob Portman’s fundraising haul, the media has completely glossed over a story that doesn’t fit the narrative of the current political environment.  The Ohio House Democratic Caucus raised around four times what the GOP caucus did in the short post-primary reporting period filed over a month ago and doubled it’s cash-on-hand.  In fact, the House Democratic Caucus raised in a shorter period almost as much money as Portman raised the entire quarter.  Where’s the “lack of enthusasm” for GOP House stories?  Where’s the editorials saying how “nobody” wants to contribute to the House GOP?

Add this race to Josh Mandel’s old seat as a Democratic House race to watch.