John Kasich picked up a very unsurprising endorsement today from the NFIB – a very-Republican-leaning group of small-business lobbyists.

According to Forbes, Kasich made a pledge during the endorsement event saying “he will allow small business to appoint an adviser to his cabinet if he’s elected.”

I’m going to assume the wording of this statement is a mistake on the part of the author of the article who I can probably forgive for not understanding that cabinet appointments in Ohio are made by the Governor not by external lobbying groups seeking influence within the executive branch.

It’s a little harder to forgive John Kasich though, who seems just as confused as the author of this article about how Ohio government works.

The Governor doesn’t just randomly appoint cabinet members from groups that give him endorsements, as Kasich seems to be implying he wants to do. Members of the Cabinet of the Ohio Governor are “Directors or in some cases the Commissioners” of established departments.

So unless Kasich wants to create a new department of Small Business Lobbying, it’s unlikely he’s going to be able to fulfill his promise to the NFIB.

The other problem here is that Kasich isn’t just completely unaware of how Ohio government works – but he also seems like he’s going back on his promises to shrink government and to save taxpayers money.

Cabinet members aren’t cheap. Even if he figures out how to add a new cabinet member without creating a new department – which seems pretty damn unlikely – he’s going to have to pay this new advisor. And some of these cabinet member make nearly $200K a year.

Again, it’s really no surprise that Kasich’s highly-paid consultants have kept him from making public statements for his entire campaign. Every time he does, he shows how completely unprepared he is to lead the State of Ohio.

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