From the daily archives: Monday, July 19, 2010

John Kasich picked up a very unsurprising endorsement today from the NFIB – a very-Republican-leaning group of small-business lobbyists.

According to Forbes, Kasich made a pledge during the endorsement event saying “he will allow small business to appoint an adviser to his cabinet if he’s elected.”

I’m going to assume the wording of this statement is a mistake on the part of the author of the article who I can probably forgive for not understanding that cabinet appointments in Ohio are made by the Governor not by external lobbying groups seeking influence within the executive branch.

It’s a […]

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There are many reasons to believe that this current environment isn’t a Republican version of 2008 or a repeat of 1994.

Lack of large-scale retirements.  Despite defending exactly the same number of seats as they did in 1994, the Democrats are facing substantially less open seat races.  While there have been a few surprise high-profile retirements (Obey, Bayh, etc.), it’s not nearly the scope we saw going into 1994. Republicans as an unknown quantity. In 1994, only folks who remember President Eisenhower could recall what it was like when the Republicans controlled Congress (when the party was vastly different, […]

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Seriously, how can a campaign say this to the Plain Dealer:

"A proven job creator, Mr. Ganley knows the ins and outs of balanced budgets and understands that more government spending isn’t the solution to our economic woes," Snyder said in an emailed statement.

After praising the success of his opponent’s “Cash for Clunkers” program that generated him nearly 1,000 auto sales?

I miss the owl.

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I think Lee Fisher is getting his groove back.

Today, Lee Fisher challenged former Bush Trade Representative Rob Portman to seven debates throughout Ohio: Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown, somewhere in Appalachia, Cleveland, and Toledo.

Here’s a snippet from Fisher’s letter to Portman:

Just last week I met with workers in the Mahoning Valley. And it’s there you can see the choice voters have this November – the choice between going back to the failed trade policies that sent our jobs overseas and the investments we need to make in creating new jobs right here in Ohio.

At Delphi, thousands of […]

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So, I’m still pouring through the campaign finance reports for the legislative races, but I started with one of my local State House candidates, Bruce Carter.

Bruce ran for the 12th District Court of Appeals in 2008 where he won two of the eight counties getting 42% of a vote—which is above the average Democratic performance in this region of Ohio.

Two years ago, Bruce’s current opponent, State Rep. Courtney Combs had a Democratic opponent who raised less than $4,000 for the entire cycle and got 43% of the vote.  There’s every reason to believe that even in […]

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If there was ever a Republican candidate for Governor that should appeal to former head of the now defunct (I believe) Ohio Taxpayers Association Scott Pullins, at least on paper, it would be John Kasich.

And yet, while Matt Naugle bites his tongue, Pullins goes there on Kasich’s first ad introducing himself to Cincinnati and Columbus voters:

So the brain surgeons that are running the Kasich campaign have finally figured out that millions of dollars of unanswered negative campaign commercials might be hurting John Kasich’s campaign for governor.  Congratulation you handsome fellows and welcome to Politics […]

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