Jack Torry wrote a column in the Dayton Daily News this weekend asking why “nobody seems to want to give Fisher any money.”  Look, Rob Portman is a Bush Republican.  That means he knows how to raise special interest money better than any incumbent in Congress (actual fact about Portman’s campaign.)  He also had no primary.

Lee had a competitive primary in which he spent a considerable amount of his money.  Of course, the first quarterly report after the primary is going to show a big cash-on-hand gap.

But did you know that Fisher’s fundraising more than doubled from the last quarter?  Did you know that he raised more money this past quarter than in any other quarter this campaign?

No, because nobody in the media mentioned these things.

And definitely not a conservative columnist like Jack Torry who first wrote a column about how Kasich and Portman needed to defend free-trade deals or else all hope was lost and then started doing it for them in misleading “fact-check” column… about free trade for them.

Yes, Rob Portman raised a lot of money.  Yes, he even has more of it on hand.  I’m not going to debate the obvious.

However, to say that Fisher’s $1.3 million haul last quarter was “disappointing” is pretty silly.  Charlie Crist raised only $500k more than Fisher, but nobody is writing columns about how nobody supports him.  Heck, Fisher raised more than half of what the Senate Majority Leader raised.

Fisher’s fundraising haul last cycle was actually very close to what several Senate Democratic incumbents and challengers raised in other targeted raises, and in several instances (KY, NH, & MO) much more.

Rob Portman’s flood of special interest money into his campaign coffers is “impressive” in that it has created a large campaign warchest.  But Fisher’s fundraising last cycle was nothing to sneeze at, either.

Torry’s entire column about D.C. not finding Fisher’s fundraising impressive is just wrong.  What it shows is that they are concerned more with Portman’s obscene amount of money in comparison.  (And Torry is nuts to think that the DSCC is going to spend more of an effort in Arkansas where Blanche Lincoln is looking at a double-digit loss than Ohio where Fisher is either leading or within the margins of error.)

Obviously, as I wrote about a few weeks ago, there have been some changes going on still in Fisher’s campaign.  But they are still doing what they need to do to raise enough money to run an effective campaign, keep their candidate visible, and frame the race on their terms.  Portman’s money advantage is what it is, but Fisher is doing everything he can be expected to do in this environment to restock his campaign treasury after a more competitive than he expected primary. 

If Fisher is still neck and neck (or better) in the polls and whittles down Portman’s cash on hand ratio to his own substantially by Labor Day, we’re fine.

But for Torry to say that “nobody” is donating to Fisher after he raised more money than he’s raised in any other quarter this cycle is just wrong and irresponsible.