So, John Kasich’s first television ad is a pathetic attempt to downplay his role in Lehman Brothers.  But this presents a weird double-standard for Kasich.  On one hand, he likes to pretend he was barely above the janitor that cleaned out CEO Fuld’s shredded documents at night (even though Kasich was paid in half a million in bonuses alone), but then Kasich says Ohioans need him because he was a “successful business leader” who creates jobs?

Which is it?  Was Kasich a major business figure who created jobs nationwide, or was he just some poor schlep who tried to avoid working on Saturdays.


But now that Kasich has decided to engage in the art of implausible deniability, here are some other entirely implausible things that John Kasich is going to breathlessly say about himself in order to help his underperforming campaign:

1.  I was never a Republican….

2. I didn’t support George W. Bush for President (oh wait, he’s already tried that one)

3. I never really proposed cutting [aid to children, Earned Income Credit, eliminating various Cabinet agencies, cutting student funding, cutting veterans care, killing Elmo]


4.  I was never in Congress…

5.  I have a plan on [insert topic here.]

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  • M_LaVilla

    The reality is that John Kasich grew up in modest beginnings in a blue collar neighborhood in Pittsburgh, moved to Ohio to attend Ohio State where he was an honors student, was elected to the Ohio Senate at age 26, defeating a three term incumbent by a substantial margin, spending only $74,000 to accomplish the feat, was elected to Congress in 1982, the only Republican in the nation to defeat an incumbent Democrat member of Congress, while a member of Congress took on the Pentagon with its wasteful spending programs, voted to kill the B-2 bomber program — parts of which were built in Kasich's district — as Chairman of the House Budge Committee for the first time in forty-four years pushed through a balanced national budget (for which Bill Clinton has many times taken credit, but in fact fought). And the reality is that Kasich's Lehman Brothers office was located at the intersection of I-270 and Cleveland Avenue in a suburb of Columbus and was comprised of a staff of two, including Kasich. I know this to be true because my office was located immediately next door in the 2600 Corporate Exchange Building.

    The reality is that Ted Strickland has been a disaster as governor and it is time Ohio voters retired him from office.

  • modernesquire

    Um, your glorifying post of Kasich's bio has virtually nothing to do with the topic of the post. Don't just copy and paste his campaign bio again for no reason.

    The budget started to come into balance because of changes Clinton made on the revenue side of the equation… that Kasich opposed. Clinton fought, and won, those budget battles not because he opposed balancing the budget, but because of how Kasich's plan seemed to overwhelming hurt the poor and working class in the name of doing so.

    The resulting budget deal, which Kasich himself acknowledged Clinton's role in creating, removed those class warfare cuts Kasich advocated.

    Kasich never cut overall spending in Congress. In fact, federal spending increased by over $600 BILLION during Kasich's tenure has House Budget Chairman despite being relatively flat the last three years of House Democratic rule. The only reason that the budget became “balanced” was that growth in government revenues caused by changes to the tax code that Kasich opposed exceed the increase spending under Kasich's budgets.

    Kasich did, in fact, have a corner office at the top floor of Lehman Brothers NYC World HQ… in attention to the Columbus office he shared with the two congressional staffers he brought with him to Lehman Brothers.

    I really have no idea what point you're trying to make.

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