For some reason, this ad has trouble loading from Kasich’s Youtube channel.

First, let me just say this ad is not good.  Kasich looks angry, talks too fast, and it makes him sound defensive.  I don’t understand why Kasich would be talking about Lehman Brothers unless his internal polling has shown what other independent polling (Quinnipiac and PPP) has shown that it’s substantially hurt his favorability ratings which will make it harder for him to move ahead in the polls.

Kasich’s campaign manager tries to put some amazing spin about this ad on the campaign’s blog:

John and Mary continue to share with Ohio their plan to reduce government spending so we can begin lowering taxes, reducing red tape, and improving education and job training. Also, a strong new focus on economic development is essential to help existing businesses grow and attract new businesses.

As you can see from the new ad, John’s straightforward, direct outreach to Ohio voters is a big contrast to the $3 million in negative attack ads that Ted Strickland and his allies have used to try to smear John. These attacks make no mention of Strickland, his bad decisions, bad budgeting and bad management.

Just as Strickland’s policies have failed and hurt Ohio, his negative attack ads have failed and hurt his campaign. Public polling—as well as our own internal polls—confirms this. Ohio voters want answers to our problems, not baseless, misleading attacks. In our new ad, John points out these fallacies and, as a result, Ted Strickland’s credibility deficit deepens.

First, I invite anyone (paging Jon Keeling) to show me where the Kasich-Taylor campaign has shared “with Ohio their plan to reduce government spending.”  (But notice the even further hedging away from his own tax plan.)

Second, Kasich has offered nothing, absolutely nothing, about improving education.

Third, if the DGA’s ads truly failed and hurt the Strickland campaign (something public polling does NOT confirm), then running an ad on Lehman Brothers makes no sense.  Especially one that makes Kasich look very unlikeable and he’s false and misleading.  The only reason you run a response ad as your first ad in the cycle is because they have been drawing blood.  Otherwise, you don’t even spend time and your limited money addressing it.

First, Ohio hasn’t lost 400,000 jobs under Governor Strickland.  Kasich’s own campaign website shows this isn’t true.  This is a knowingly false statement in Kasich’s first campaign ad.

Second, nobody has accused Kasich of “running Lehman Brothers.”  He’s addressing a “straw man” argument.  While saying he was only one of 700 managing directors may first make Kasich appear to be a minor player, you have to keep in mind the size and scope that Lehman Brothers had at the time as one of the largest international finance companies in the world.  Which brings me to….

3 World Financial Center

So, I called the shot and won!  Kasich said the magic “two-man office in Columbus” line!  Did you take your shot?  While it’s true that Kasich’s main responsibilities was running the Columbus office for Lehman Brothers, Kasich is less than entirely truthful about his role in Lehman Brothers.  Kasich had a corner office on the top floor of Lehman Brother’s World HQ in New York City as this 2001 profile of Kasich in the New York Observer demonstrates:

Lehman Brothers managing director John Kasich kicks back in the plush leather chair in his corner office high atop 3 World Financial Center . . .

Kasich’s comment about a “two-man office in Columbus” is intentionally misleading to minimize his role at Lehman Brothers and make it appear less than it actually was.  As the New York Observer article presents it, Kasich was so plugged into the company that he worked directly with his self-professed “mentor” and former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld.  Kasich was one of the few employees who got face time with both the Chairman of the international financial giant and its CEO.

And as this ODP mashup clip shows, Kasich actually used to frequently brag about working on Wall Street on Fox News:

I’ve covered Kasich’s “dirty little secret” about his claim for being responsible for balancing the budget, I don’t really need to repeat it again, do I?

That’s quite a bit of B.S. coming out of a candidate’s mouth in just thirty seconds.  And this ad is the first introduction most Ohioans will get to John Kasich, an angry guy lying into the camera about his opponent’s record and his own work history.

Kasich’s half-truths open up the Lehman Brothers story to more examination by the press in a way that’s not going to be flattering to Kasich (if the lazy media actually starts to cover John Kasich’s record.)  The last half of the ad again opens up his extremist Congressional record that the Kasich-lapdog media (I’m looking at you, Columbus Dispatch) has largely refused to cover with any detail.

If Rand Paul and Sharron Angle are too extreme for advocating the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education, what does that make Kasich who attempted to do it multiple times in actual legislation as well as eliminate the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Appalachian Regional Commission?  I dunno, but the media refuses to address this obvious question by ignoring these facts in Kasich’s history.

I don’t see how this ad does nothing more than highlight Kasich’s history with Lehman Brothers and now opens him up to attacks that he’s dishonest, too.  That’s hardly the way I would want to introduce myself to a wider general election electorate.

I even wonder if someone should file an Ohio Elections Commission complaint over it, it’s so deliberately misleading.  What do you think?