I think I said a couple of nice things about Green Party Candidate for Governor Dennis Spisak in my last post. I said a couple of nasty-but-true things too. But I made a effort to try to keep the post positive.

Dennis didn’t seem to take it that way.

He posted a mediocre and less-than-relevant response over at Progress Ohio (aka: his campaign blog) the next day that basically attacked Plunderbund for being a Democrat blog and then proceeded to follow up in the comments to attack Modern in a ridiculously childish way for having worked for Strickland…

Thanks for playing Brian…..NEXT!!!!!

Still trolling on the internet I see…..ha ha ha

I started composing a response in comments over at Progress Ohio but I figured it might make a better post over here at PB. I took out my comments about the proper use of punctuation (e.g. five exclamation points makes you sound like a 13 year old girl!!!!!) but I think you’ll still get the point and in a slightly more polite and less snarky way.

So here it goes…

Dear Dennis,

I think you just proved my point.

Responses like this sound like they are coming from a 19 year old intern – not from a candidate for Governor in the 7th largest state in the country.

As Modern mentioned Plunderbund isn’t a single blogger site. I wrote the post not him. And I’ve never worked for Strickland or for any Democrat for that matter.

I have a lot of respect for the Green Party. And, as I mentioned in my post, I think you and I (and Ted) have a lot in common.

You have every right to go out and differentiate yourself from the major party candidates. Hell, you have an OBLIGATION to your party to set yourself apart from Ted and John.

And you’ve done just that very competently with some of your posts. Just recently you clearly outlined your plan to raise revenue for the state to handle the budget short fall.

Even if I don’t totally agree with your plan I think you’re clearly differentiating yourself from both candidates with posts like this. And this is definitely the avenue you should be pursuing.

But other posts are just crazy-sounding, made-up bullshit. And that’s the stuff that drives me nuts.

You can’t just make shit up about Strickland’s record and hope no one notices. It’s not going to get you any traction with voters and it will probably drive many of them away.

More importantly it’s going to further cement the prevailing belief with mainstream news outlets that third-party candidates are a bunch of kooks. And without their coverage you aren’t going to get anywhere.

Last cycle’s Green Party Candidate Bob Fitrakis pushed the limits but he never went over the edge. Try to take a few lessons from his campaign strategy. It will serve you well on your campaign this year.

I look forward to the polite and civil response from Mr. Spisak.