From the daily archives: Saturday, July 17, 2010

I think I said a couple of nice things about Green Party Candidate for Governor Dennis Spisak in my last post. I said a couple of nasty-but-true things too. But I made a effort to try to keep the post positive.

Dennis didn’t seem to take it that way.

He posted a mediocre and less-than-relevant response over at Progress Ohio (aka: his campaign blog) the next day that basically attacked Plunderbund for being a Democrat blog and then proceeded to follow up in the comments to attack Modern in a ridiculously childish way for having worked for Strickland…


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So, John Kasich’s first television ad is a pathetic attempt to downplay his role in Lehman Brothers.  But this presents a weird double-standard for Kasich.  On one hand, he likes to pretend he was barely above the janitor that cleaned out CEO Fuld’s shredded documents at night (even though Kasich was paid in half a million in bonuses alone), but then Kasich says Ohioans need him because he was a “successful business leader” who creates jobs?

Which is it?  Was Kasich a major business figure who created jobs nationwide, or was he just some poor schlep who tried to avoid […]

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For some reason, this ad has trouble loading from Kasich’s Youtube channel.

First, let me just say this ad is not good.  Kasich looks angry, talks too fast, and it makes him sound defensive.  I don’t understand why Kasich would be talking about Lehman Brothers unless his internal polling has shown what other independent polling (Quinnipiac and PPP) has shown that it’s substantially hurt his favorability ratings which will make it harder for him to move ahead in the polls.

Kasich’s campaign manager tries to put some amazing spin about this ad on the campaign’s blog:

John […]

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