The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog reports that John Kasich is starting to whittle down his warchest even faster with its first television ad buy.  The story includes this “I can’t believe we’d be this possibly lucky” preview:

Among other things, the ad, according to a source, could offer a defense of Kasich’s time as a managing director of Lehman Brothers, the failed Wall Street investment firm.

I’m not really going on a limb here.  We pretty much already know what Kasich’s response on everything Lehman Brothers is based on his press statements and stump speech on the issue.

Announcing the Plunderbund Kasich ad drinking game!  You have to take a shot every time you hear Kasich say the following:

  1. Wall Street
  2. Lehman Brothers
  3. Smear
  4. “I ran a two-man office in Columbus” (or something close to that effect)
  5. Strickland’s record
  6. Grand prize drink that requires you to drink an entire bottle of Crown Royal: “Here’s my plan to pay for my tax plan/deficit….”

Kasich has talked about the two-man office in Columbus excuse ad nausem.  He says it all the time because nobody calls him out on what a B.S. lie that is.

Even John Kasich has said, repeatedly, that he worked on Wall Street:

Before launching his “exploratory” campaign to run for Governor by creating a PAC, Recharge Ohio, Kasich allowed himself to be profiled by the New York Observer (9/16/2001)…. in his NYC office:

3 World Financial Center

Lehman Brothers managing director John Kasich kicks back in the plush leather chair in his corner office high atop 3 World Financial Center . . .

Yep, John Kasich had a corner office high atop the former world headquarters of Lehman Brothers.  I guess technically that’s not on Wall Street, but that’s still not exactly just running a two-man office in Columbus, either.

In other news, John Kasich granted an interview from his office near Ground Zero around 9/11?

Really?  I’m kind of stunned by that.  Surely this interview was conducted before 9/11.  Right?

So John Kasich is going to run an ad claiming he really wasn’t that plugged into Lehman Brothers despite his numerous statements about walking with Wall Street, which was itself was kind of a lie, but only to the extent that it was not technically on Wall Street.

I honestly don’t know why John Kasich would take his first ad to talk about Lehman Brothers.  It’s not like he’s going to say anything new that’s going to make the issue go away.

For a campaign who’s entire strategy on Lehman Brothers was to ignore it as an issue altogether, this is a sudden change in course that can only result in it being given more attention, especially if Kasich is foolish enough to try and publicly distance himself… from his own NYC office that he USED to do media interviews from.

Could we really be that lucky?